World War One


1919 Cert of Honour Steeper.jpeg
Caistor Heritage Trust Archive
1919 Welcome Home.jpg
1919 Borman. Caistor Heritage Trust Archive.
Alec Alexander Lee Group.jpg
Alec Lee, Machine Gun Group. Caistor Heritage Trust
Alec Alexander Lee.jpg
Alec Lee, . Caistor Heritage Trust
Card happy again Lee.jpg
Alec Lee Cards
Card God Bless Lee.jpg
Alec Lee Cards
Card Dear Father Lee.jpg
Alec Lee Cards
Card Birthday Lee.jpg
Alec Lee Cards

1918 Robert Brighton Died from wounds

Death Brighton Lee.bmp
1918 Caistor Heritage Trust
1916 Liquor 2.jpeg
Hull Daily Mail. 1919 February. Licensed premises rules
1916 Liquor Control.jpg
1916 8th January. Hull Daily Mail. Liquor Control


1918 Saving Associations.jpg
1918 Hull Daily Mail. War Savings Association
1917 War Casualties.jpg
1917 Hull Daily Mail 29th May, War Casulties.


1915 Lincolns March.jpg
1915 11th June Hull Daily Mail. Lincolns’ Route March.



1916 Tribunal.jpg
1916 27th June Hull Daily Mail, Tribunal.
1917 Tribunal Jan.jpg
1917 17th January Hull Daily Mail, Tribunal.
1918C Military Medap.jpg
Hull Daily Mail. Sparrow of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment.
1917 Tribunals.jpg
1917 31st March Hull Daily Mail. Caistor Tribunal Appeals
1917 Tritton Tanks.jpg
1917 23 November Sir William Tritton at Caistor,

1916 Drought.jpg

1917 Caistor Rural.jpg
The Tribunals, Hull Daily Mail 1917 24th March
The medals Carol has been writing about. A lucky Ebay find has returned some long lost First World War medals to Caistor and they are now being held by the town’s Heritage Trust. The medals were awarded to William Wilkinson, who was born in 1892 and died at the Battle of Arras in 1917. Pictured with the medals are some of his descendants, Carol Barnes, Sue Hare, Colin Wood and Irene Wilkinson along with Alan Dennis of the Caistor Heritage Trust.
1914 Poem.jpg
1914 21st November Hull Daily Mail . Poem by W. Smart of Alford that mentions Caistor.
1918 Comforts.jpg
1918 2nd November Hull Daily Mail. Letter to the editor from an unknown living in Caistor.
1916 Petrol Rationing.jpg
1916 Petrol Rationing Hull Daily Mail
1915 Advisory Committee.jpg
1915 16th December Hull Daily Mail Advisory Committees