South Street – Houlden

Eileen Mumby gives the following description: “This shop was for many years Houlden’s (2 generations) then Dawson’s, men’s and women’s drapery; boots and shoes – a very good shop indeed. Mrs. Grace Watson (nee Houlden) gave the following information: Her Read More …

Memories – Eileen Mumby

Click the link below to read Eileen Mumby’s memories of C20th Caistor. It is designed as a walk around Caistor, Memory Eileen Mumby  

Grasby Memories

Click below to read Mrs. Taylor’s Memoirs. It is a long but interesting document. Mrs, Taylo was born in 1902. Mrs Taylors Memories

Caistor Diary 1902

1902 January 20th .. At a meeting of the Lighting Committee convened to be held at the Gas Works for the inspection of the new lamp for the Market Place… Mr. Brown in the Chair. There were also present Messrs. Read More …

Caistor Diary 1901

1901 Population 1567 1901 January 10th   On Sunday a woman named Sharp, who occupied a house on Whitegate Hill, Caistor, was found dead in bed. The sad discovery was made by a little boy, who was in the habit of Read More …