South Street No. 6 (Cornhill)


I have assumed this ironmonger would be at this premises on the Cornhill as they are followed by another ironmonger.

In 1841 there was 20 year old Mary Young and 30 year old George Young, Ironmongers. There is no indication of their relationship. George is mentioned until 1847.

I have found it difficult to trace but Brigg Town seems to be the family centre. In 1791 and 1793 there was a Edward Young, a mercer, appointing apprentices. 

Edward was attending  a meeting of the Retailers of Hats, Gloves and Perfumery in Caistor.

1837 Mary Young
1841 from a deposit at Lincolnshire Archives

 Sometime, a little before1866, Edlay Maltby was a saddler and harness maker with a business here and living on North Street.

 He was born at Orby in about 1841. 

By 1891 the is living in South Street Terrace and died in 1900. He had 3 children.

1900 Coroner’s Order for Burial Medley Maltby

George Arthur Lyne who lived in Brigg and had the premises next. He would of been about 50 when he opened an outlet here.

One of the Lyne’s is a Caistor Councillor in 1906.

1907 Lionel Lyne seed merchant and saddler of Caistor made himself bankrupt.

John Rowland Lynne married, in 1910, Charles Ainger (Chemist) daughter. They went on to live in British Columbia but did live in Mona House on the High Street for a time.

George Arthur Lynne
Hannah Gorbutt Rickalls (Jackson) Family Tree

Hannah Gorbutt Rickells was born in 1908 at Cabourne. Her father, John Richard, was a farmer. Born at Tealby. Her mother Grace Gorbutt was born in Caistor. 

Hannah married Oson Hall Jackson in 1934. Hannah was 26 and Oson 45. 

Was he discharged from the army as “sick”? He seems to have been awarded a Victory medal in 1920. 

He was a grocer in Grafton Street, Hull in 1919 and 1922 

In the August of 1925 he was an incoming passenger at Southampton on the liner Mauretania from New York. He is said to be a dealer.

In 1939 they were living at Fairfox Avenue in Hull. Hannah was a hairdresser of independent means and Osen a Horse Dealer.

Oson died in 1962 so I assume Hannah returned to Caistor at this time.


During the 1960s and 1970s Hannah Rickells had a hairdresser on one side of the shop and on the other antiques and brick a brac. 

Hannah was a very good painter.

Joyce by Hannah

Alan Caine says, “she told me some interesting stories. Hannah was on the last train out of Germany in the summer of 1939. 

Alan Caine continued that she lived in a cottage in a field off Riby Drag. She often picked wild strawberries while avoiding the sentries near Pillar woods, where troops were massing ready for D Day.

More stories repeated by Bruce Curtis and Emma Hobson include the day someone dashed into the shop to say there was a flasher in the park. She went to the flasher and said, ‘come on then let us see what you have to brag about. 

I remember, as a child going in the car with her. She would indicate for the corners but not for the junctions. Terrifying.

When she retired she lived in number 15 South Street.

Hannah died in 1998.

No.15 South Street

88 Forget Me Knots

Mark Fox had a pet shop here and his mother had a café.

There was also the Tea Pot café. I have no dates for these,

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