South Street No.4 (Cornhill)

No.4 South Street is to the left of the black van.

The early years, of this now demolished shop, are difficult to trace.

One of the families that is said to have had a shop here are the Kennington’s who later can be found on Grimsby Road.

One of the family members born in 1808, Charles Kennington, by 1829 was a draper apprentice in Edinburgh where he met Charles Jenner.

They were both sacked when they skipped work to visit some horse racing. They immediately took over the lease of 47 Princess Street. They created a booming expanding business..

In 1861 Charles Kennington retired. By 1874 the store was known as Jenners.

Tennyson Club was in this building.
 At the top of the building was also the meeting place for the Boy’s Scouts. David King was one of the scout leaders.

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