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Phillip Bates – about 62 years ago ,I was in Miss Parrots class

Janice Cumberland – I started in Miss Parrots class 57 years ago

Alan Brown – me too, 60yrs ago

Mary Wilkinson – hate to say it me too I didn’t like her she shouted a lot

Irene Wilkinson – I loved Miss Parrot! Started in1954 with Sandra Wilkinson , Sally Wardell, Michael Johnson .

Susan Lane Geraghty – I was in her class about 62 years ago and have to admit I hated her and my dad had to carry me into school most days, got on fine with Miss Reader, though.

Carol Barnes – Miss Parrott was OK. We didn’t learn a lot and was with her for more than a few months. She had a 5 piece wooden jigsaw of a rabbit which most of us could have completed well before school age. We played with the dolls house, which I loved, and the sandpit. Miss Reader got cross easily, Mrs. Varlow was inspirational and I loved her class. She made her lessons interesting and always encouraged us. Mrs. Markham’s main aim was too get the 11 year olds to Grammar School the rest more or less messed about until it was their turn. I loved the lessons when we would listen to the BBC Singing Together and


Rhythm and Melody. The stove would keep us warm in the winter and sometimes the petition between Mrs. Varlow and Mrs. Markham’s class would be opened and we would do country dancing. We played tiggy in the playground and was only safe when we were on our toilet steps. The bar in the corner was to swing upside down on and we (the girls) would play skipping songs, “Jelly on a Plate”, “Draw a Bucket of Water”, “One potato, two potato, three potato, four”. My Mum only ever took me too

school once and that was on the first day! There was not much traffic.

Susan Lane Geraghty – I agree Mrs. Varlow was an amazing teacher. Looking back I think it was probably a personality clash between Miss Parrot and myself. I now work with young children and have found that you can come across the odd child you have to really make an extra effort to work with. Every other teacher I had I found was okay. But my memories of the reception class are that I never seemed to do anything right for her. But that experience and memory has helped me in my career, so maybe I should be grateful to her.


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1912 Advertisement for a teacher
From the Rev David Saunders Collection. 1951 May Queen. Lesley Wilcox, Freda Smith, Nancy Suddaby, Beryl Suddaby, Brenda Mellors, Heather Collins, Janet Holmes, Peter Gillis, Janet Maddison, Joy Margaret Dickinson, Barbara Harrison, Valerie Smith, Glenis Markham, Elizabeth Cutler
1949. From the Rev David Saunders Collection