Market Place No 28

No 28 is the building to the left, on the corner.

Sue Lindsay – I remember the T.S.B bank on the corner.

Mark Fox – The first Harlequin was opposite the Red Lion pub, and was the TSB afterwards.

Sue Lindsay = TSB. was on the end Harlequin was next door. I worked there.

Michael Hubbert – By the way I used to work for the TSB at Market Rasen and spent some Monday’s and Friday’s at the part time branch in Caistor. I have a book showing the history of the Lincoln Savings Bank ( part of the TSB group) and there are couple of short but interesting entries re the Caistor branch, I note you have some details re the Nat West so maybe this may help with the TSB:
“When in June 1948 the committee were informed that they could buy a property in High Street, Caistor for £1,300 they immediately applied to the Commissioners for their sanction to do so, but because the valuation of the premises by the District Valuer was considerably below that figure the Bank’s application was refused. Nevertheless other premises were obtained for £450 and after alterations had been made costing some £300, a part time branch was opened in Caistor on the 12th November 1948.”
In a further entry:
“In July 1948 premises were obtained for £450 in the Market Place at the corner of High Street, Caistor. Alterations were made and a part time branch was opened on the 12th November 1948 with hours of business 10am – 4pm on Mondays and Friday’s.”
Both extracts from ‘The Trustee Savings Bank of Yorkshire and Lincoln’ by C. Donald Hebden (1981)
The committee referred to would have been a local board of Trustees and the commissioners were the National Debt Commissioners.
The following are my memories;
I seem to recall my mother telling me of a local lady who was initially in charge, the name may have been Miss Reeder? By the time I went there in the mid 1970’s Betty Markham was the officer in charge, after that in the early 80’s two officers from Market Rasen attended and the most senior was in charge, that was sometimes myself. The branch must have closed by 1990, I had a few years away and when I returned I believe it had gone.
It was a strange building for a bank, basically 4 rooms each on top of the other including a cellar. By the time I arrived you no longer had to go down there for coal for the fire but I understand you did well into the 60’s. And as the fire place was no more than 2 feet behind the counter it must have been uncomfortable when there was a good blaze! Would you believe that even in the 1970s we still took cash in our private cars from Rasen to Caistor and then walked from the Market Place with it, I usually kept it in my inside pocket! Also when the bandit screens were fitted such was the unique design of the building the fitters were confused and set them up so the customers could either open the door from their side or lock the staff in if they chose. That wasn’t an issue as you could walk round the screens by going into the bay window. I think this may have been the last golden days of banking.

Margaret Dennis – Mrs. Lill had a dress shop called Sherrys as their daughter was called Shereeda.after the cafe moved into the Market Place.