A History of Land Use and Farming in Grasby – An Introductory Note

Initially, the following work was undertaken purely out of personal interest. I am delighted, however, to have been given the opportunity to publish my findings on the Caistor Heritage Website and sincerely hope that, in so doing, it will be of some value to others with an interest in local history, as well as providing an opportunity to invite comment, correction or the addition of new information which would enable this work to be developed further. Future plans include illustrating this history with maps, diagrams and photographs

The majority of the information in the following twelve sections has been gleaned from primary sources, but I must also acknowledge the enormous value of work previously undertaken locally by the late Rex Russell, Ifor and Joan Barton during their time in Grasby, and the Rev. David Saunders for his work on the history of Clixby. With respect to wider background reading the writings of Joan Thirsk, Jonathan Brown, Charles Rawding, TW Beastall, Elizabeth Bates, Stewart & Nicholas Bennett, BA Holderness, GAJ Hodgett, Clive Holmes, HC Darby, RH Hilton, GE Mingay, and Alan Stennett have provided me with invaluable insights into the history of farming in Lincolnshire.

Dick Pike

May 2016