Caistor Heritage


The website, Caistor Heritage, is controlled by Caistor Local History Society. It is kindly sponsored and managed by Peter O’Leary and his company, Laser Red.

The aim of the website, is to share with the world- wide community, young and old, all aspects of Caistor’s and District’s past. We hope that individual’s and groups will take an interest in particular areas to continue the research and add it to the website for others to enjoy.

As well as Caistor Local History Society organisations like Caistor Heritage Trust, Caistor Civic Societ and  Caistor Arts and Heritage Centre will contribute to the content.

Our biggest source of information is you, individuals, with your memories, photographs, artefacts, deeds, wills, brochures, receipts etc. Please contact us and allow us to share all this with others.

Our special thanks must go to Rev. David Saunders, Mr. Rex Russell, Mrs. Eileen Mumby, Dr. Steven Willis, Dr. Kevin Leahey, Mrs. Bryan, Miss Kit Reader, Mr. Ken Clark, The Town Council, Caistor Rural District Council, Lincolnshire Archives and to any one whose resources we have used.

Please accept out apologies if we have used your material and not acknowledge the source. Let us know and we will try and rectify the situation.


Caistor Heritage Trust

The public can view what items we hold by going to and searching for “Caistor Heritage Trust”. More detailed searches can be made by entering specific words such as, surnames, names of roads, organisations etc.

 At this time there are about 300 items listed with a few thousand yet to be entered.

 The artefacts, documents, books and photographs are stored securely and are protected for generations to come.

 We will be pleased to hear from anyone who has items relating to Caistor and district to loan (long, short or medium terms), gift or wish to sell. Go to “Contacts”

The Trust uses national approved record keeping to track any items either, purchased, gifted or loaned.

A Trust policy is available. On the acquisition and disposal of artefacts.