Caistor History and Archaeology Research Society



The name of the Society will be the Caistor History and Archaeology Research Society.


To research, promote, preserve and enhance the history,archaeology and architecture of that area known as Caistor and its environs.


a) Membership to the Society is open to anyone with an interest in the promotion and preservation   of the Objects as set out in paragraph 2.

b) Membership subscription, as agreed by the members at an A G.M., to be paid within 28 days of commencement of the Society’s year.

c) Only members who have paid the relevant subscription to be regarded as full members with voting rights.


a) The Society to be administered by a committee elected annually from within the current eligible membership.

b) The committee shall consist of the following officers and members :- Chairman,Vice Chairnan, Secretary, Treasurer

No more than three (3) other members.

c) The Chair shall be responsible for conducting all committee and general meetings.  In the absence of the Chair these duties to be carried out by  another committee member agreed at the meeting.

d) The Chair to have a casting vote in the evenl of an equal split vote at any committee or general meeting.

e) The committee shall have the power to fill any committee vacancy until the next General Meeting.

f) The committee shall have the power to co-opt up to two, (2), additional members to the committee for that year.

g) The committee to be voted in at the A.G.M.

h) The committee shall meet at least three, (3), times per Society year, which shall be from 1st April to 31st March.


a) An A.G.M. will be held in the month of May each year at which all members of the committee shall stand down, but each shall be eligible for re-election. Members to be notified at least 21  days before the declared date in writing or by electronic communication of the date of the A.G.M.

b) Purpose of the A.G.M. to –

Elect officers and members of the committee. Receive reports from the Society’s Officers.

Receive the properly prepared accounts of the Society

Provide a forum for members to set resolutions before the committee. Any resolution to be submitted to a General Meeting shall be received in writing at least fourteen days before the meeting.

c) E.G.M. may be called by the committee or at least 10% of the membership make application to the Secretary in writing or by electronic communication, such a meeting to be notified to the members at least twenty one days before the date of such meeting.

d) Any general meeting shall be have a quorum if at least one third of the membership are in attendance.


a) Financial year to commence on the 1st April each year

b) Properly prepared accounts to be presented at the A.G.M.

c) Financial statement to be presented at all general committee meetings.

d) Authorisation of payment by cheque, or other means, to be signed by two nominated signatories.


In the event of the Society being wound up any assets remaining after payment of proper debts and liabilities shall be transferred to a charitable institution or society having similar objects to the Caistor History and Archaeology Research Society, and any records of the society to be deposited with an appropriate organisation.