The Talbot Inn

Kindly donated to Caistor Heritage Trust to preserve for the Caistor Community

Oldest Inn in Caistor – 1642

The Lindsey Show was held in the grounds, 1800, 1804 and 1808. This was the pre-runner to the Lincolnshire Show.

“A little higher up is the Talbot Inn. The proprietor was then a Mr. Warran, but it had once belonged to the Skipworth family.” Jessie S. Bryan writing in 1980.

C. 1933 Mr. Scawthorne (landlord) – information from Barrick Australia

“The house at the entrance to the Talbot yard was then a shop belonging to Mr. Topham, the bootmaker.” Jessie S. Bryan writing in 1980. Advert from Kelly’s Directory 1900

Initial find of Roman burials on the site in 2010. It was decided to leave undisturbed. Followed later on by approximately 50 burials. A few  were removed for examination and re-burial.


1974 Oct 5 High St Talbot.jpg
The Talbot Inn from the High Street. The pub sign can be seen hanging from a bracket.





back of.jpg
The rear area of the Talbot Inn.
Q 29 Back of Talbot Inn.jpg
The rear roof of the Talbot Inn
Talbot aft 1921.jpg
1921 Advertisement
Race 01.jpg
“F. Marshall – The end of a mad gallop!! 25 from The Bull Inn at South Kelsey to the Talbot Inn yard at Caistor”
1810 Enclosure Application.jpg
1810 Enclosure Application
Coursing Jan 1811.jpg
1811 Coursing Meeting
Rev William 1811 Meeting.jpg
1811 William Harrison’s Creditors
1810 Assoc of Felons.jpg
1810 Association of Felons page One
1810 Assoc of Felons 02.jpg
1810 Association of Felons page Two
1823 Tramper will serve.jpg
1823 Tramper will serve.
1828 To Let Talbot.jpg
1828 the Talbot Inn
talbot yard 1_batl coldstream guards020.jpg
C1940 Coldstream Guards in the Talbot Yard
Graham Mason – Caistor pool league presentation in the Talbot (now the co-op ) Kev Duke on the left, ?, myself (secretary) Shaun Stokes, John (grinder) Topliss
1866 Codd.jpeg
odd Invoice for Dixon
1914 Talbot Onions.jpeg
1914 Onions for sale
1914 Talbot.jpeg
1914 Onions for sale

Carol Corbett – Feels quite sad as the house was where my grandma and grandad Hollands lived. I have very clear memoirs from a young age. The door has been blocked up it was not all the Talbot pub.

Talbot demolished.jpg
Demolishing the Talbot Inn

Lynn Cressy = To see the Talbot being knocked down was so sad

Nicola East Crumby – My mum and dad live next door to what was the Talbot. They had a birds eye view right out of their kitchen window when it was being knocked down. It was quite sad to see.

Samantha Cotchin – It should never of been allowed to of been knocked down. Its was one of Caistors oldest in dating back to the 1600’s. I had many happy years living there when mum and dad had the pub. Some of my greatest memories were made in that pub.

Lesley Cody – Spent many happy hours in here in the disco. Ev Smith was the barmaid then and she was a gem. Lovely woman, great pub.

Betty Welton – We used to be there every Saturday night with our friends and what good times we had. Never any trouble,,and good music too .Mr Betany was a beautiful singer there …. Sorry I spelt your name wrong Shaun..

Becky Lynsey Hinch – I was brought up in that pub and I loved it until the end. Unfortunately it suffered the same fate many pubs and clubs do now.

Annemarie Hanson – Pulled a few in there!! Pints that is. Great pub should never have been knocked down! Worked there for 2 years but it wasn’t like a job! Particularly New Year’s Eve when the sacred pool table would be pushed aside and covered up!! It used to be so busy there was no point trying to collect glasses!! Happy times.

Susan Reeve – Where did they hold the disco? There was a fish and chip shop across the car park

Lesley Cody – When you went in the back door there was a small bar to the left, where the old guys used to play dominoes, if you went straight on and down a couple of steps that used to be the old disco. It was very popular in the late sixties/seventies. There were blue lights, juke box and a great atmosphere.