Mill Dam

Mill Dam 1959

Q 14 Mill Dam.jpg

A watercolour painted by Ian Davies

Paul Lester Wilkinson Maverick – Mill Dam when it had the old building to play in think it just has the children’s play area now. Spent many hours playing in there.

Julie Noble – I remember Mill Dam, the water and collecting small pots from the ground there!

Mags Gaughan – and making clay pots … or so we thought !

Paul Lester Wilkinson Maverick – yeah out of that awful dark grey clay and rolling it up in those huge leaves there!

Claire Louise – and walking under the road from 1st milly to 2nd (grammar field)

Tim Lewis – Did we have fun building dams making ponds what super days they were no silly health and safety just great fun.

Peter Radcliffe – Wow seeing the pictures brings back so many memories. It may be a play area now, but when I was a child it was an adventure playground. A chance to get muddy and wet.

Janet Anne Taylor – and paddling in the stream.

Tim Lewis – Did we have fun building dams, making ponds what super days they were no silly health and safety just great fun

Keith King – Oh happy days! Should have been preserved

Mags Gaughan – We used to be down there all day. It was a brilliant place to play and now I live here.

Julie Larder- Dyson – OMG it was brilliant. I spent hours there until they built the houses.

Anne Townsend – I used to play there too. I spent many an hour paddling and playing hide and seek. Good old days heh!

John Rojahn – I remember playing here after school.

Mick Mellors – John and I spent many a happy hour there.

Kat Perry – hid from many a crooss country run in Mill Dam.

Phillip Bates – Spud Taylor and I  spent  many a happy day  playing there. We called it Piggy Field. It was better than  the playground  today, I bet.

Charlie Dame – Fantastic place I used to play there every day and even drank the water from the waterfall and it never killed us!