Grammar School

July 1st 1853
CAISTOR GRAMMAR SCHOOL – The Rev Anthony Bower MA of St Johns, Cambridge, has received from A Boucherett Esq. the sole remaining trustee, the vacant mastership of this Grammar School. His appointment will give great satisfaction to the town and neighbourhood; his ability, experience in tuition, energy, and well known perseverance will, we feel sure, entitle him to a full share of the confidence from those who may have the fortune to place under his care any of the rising generation.

1823, Curate, Post Office, Classics Department

C1930s Group photo of teachers; H.E.J. Coxon, HM seated 3rd from left; Miss Douthwaite (‘Dollop’), later Mrs Coxon, back row, 3rd from left; Mr Evans centre back


C1930s Group photo of staff; H.E.J. Coxon, HM, in centre; Miss Douthwaite (‘Dollop’), later Mrs Coxon, seated 2nd from right; back row, 2nd from right, is ‘Pop’ Linsell; centre back is ‘Tishy’ Storr; on his right is Mr Evans;


C1930s “Theo [T.M.O. ‘Tashy’ Cross] with CGS staff at 1 Cromwell View”. ‘Pop’ Linsell in centre front






C1930s Teacher sitting on a grass bank over looking a river.


C1930s Pop’ Linsell, Mrs Coxon (‘Dollop’), nee Douthwaite, and clergyman


C1930s 2 women teachers at an event, perhaps sports day; Miss McMaster on left


C1930s Group sitting on the grass; T.M.O. (‘Tashy’) Cross top left; similar to CEL163


C1930s H.E.J. Coxon, HM, with another man and a woman, possibly at some sort of ceremony


C1930s Mr T.M.O. (Tasty) Cross


C1930s Mr. R. H. (Pop) Linsell


C1930S MR. R. H. (POP) Linsell



C1936 Miss Creedy (Senior Mistress) and Miss Rutherford  (boys’ matron, later Mrs Cross) spectators at the cross-country race


1948 Group photo of staff: back row, l to r: Valborg Lausen, ‘Tishy Storr, Harry Minns (Secretary), B.M. Tyack (‘Ticka’), K.T. Straw, Mr Armitage (‘Tags’), Marion Coates, Ann Tweed, Nellie Hardwick (Matron); front row, l to r: T.M.O. Cross (‘Tashy’), R.H. (‘Pop’) Linsell, Miss Creedy, Robert Capper (HM), MrsCoxon, Harold Llewellyn Evans, Mrs Coxon (nee Douthwaite ‘Dollop’).



C1981 Irene Wilkinson – Front left in tie and glasses is the lovely Mr Fowler . He taught us history . Third from left is my music teacher Mr Naylor . Another nice man but who did not succeed in teaching me much Latin . My fault entirely. Mr Naylor is in back row

Carolyn France – From left Mr Michel, Mrs Sivill, Mr Fowkes, Mr Fowler, Mr Naylor, ??, Mr Oxspring and Mrs Linsell.

David Marsden – The mystery man behind KenO, and in front of Screwy Naylor, is alleged chemistry teacher and beekeeper Dick Long, iirc. Screwy failed to teach me much Latin (or music), too. He always seemed much more preoccupied with perfectly aligning the desks and chairs with the floorboards.

Carolyn France – Oh my goodness so it is! I’d forgotten what he looked like. He taught me in the first year. This must be late-80s? Mr Fowler and Mrs Sivill both retired when I was in the first year and Mr Michel and Mrs Linsell had already retired by then (1991)

Sue Ranby – I was a boarder when Mr Michel and family came to the Grammar School – he replaced Mr Capper and family.


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