School Photographs

Grammar School



1925 Hansard House; H.E.J. Coxon, HM, on extreme left; ‘day of Mr Preston’s appointment to new post at Sittingbourne’, he is seated centre


1926 Group photo of Hansard House; H.E.J. Coxon, HM, on extreme left; ‘Tishy’ Storr seated centre


1930 Girls


1930 Boys


C1930 Group photo in front of the Hall; ‘Pop’ Linsell In centre


1932 Group photo of staff and pupils; H.E.J Coxon, HM, on extreme right; Miss Douthwaite (‘Dollop’)later Mrs Coxon,  seated in centre; on her right is Mr Evans; back row, extreme right is Fred Varlow; 3rd row up: extreme left, Jack Mumby,   4th from left, Olive Rhodes, 3rd from right, Phyllis Radford.


1932 Girls

group 05.jpg

group 06.jpg

1932 Staff and Girls

group 04.jpg

1932 Boys

group 02.jpg

group 01.jpg

1932 Staff and Boys

group 03.jpg

C1930s Ascough House House group photo, thought to be Ascough; H.E.J. Coxon, HM, on extreme right; T.M.O. Cross in centre


1951 Back row l to r: Robinson, Warburton, Ginna Holmes, Geoff Thuringer, Barry Matthews; 2nd row from top, l to r: Mike Capes, ?, Gordon Tune, John Cawkwell, ?, ?, Barker?, Don Fenwick, David Murgatroyd; 3rd row down l to r: Ann Royal, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Rosemary Hull, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?; 2nd row from front l to r: ?, Pam Lancaster, Maureen Fowler, ?Harrison, Harry Minns (Secretary), Miss Clark (Matron), Miss Hardwick (Matron), Mr Green, Robert Capper (HM), Mrs Capper, Miss Bell, ‘Pop’ Linsell, J.Edward Marshall, Eric Richards, Peter Withers; front row, l to r: ?, Gordon Fowler, Clive Paddison, Brian Fowler?, ?, Blanchard?


Prior to 1955 Joy Lord – Definately before my time!  (1955)

Diana Colleran – looking at the lady on right I would think this was taken before WW2

Sue Neave – I think the girl on bottom row 2nd from the right is my Mum in Law – she was Freda Drakes and became Freda Neave – she was born in 1915 so this could have been 1930 ?


1968 Irene Wilkinson – CGS sixth form in June 68 . Outside Grove House our common room .

Middle row from left , Maureen Rands , Michael Cooper , Josephine Blanchard , John Tym , Gordon Neilson , Linda Willisch . All girls names are maiden names .

Christine Jackson – I only recognise yourself, Heather Barr and of course Maureen Rands (now Wooldridge). Linda Willisch is also on there!

Elaine Duckworth – Jane Thomson top right