Grove House


1826 Grove Hse Boarding.jpg
Grammar School, 1826 Grove House, Miss McIntosh, Boarding School


1828 Grove Hse Boarding.jpg


1836 Oct 22 Grove Hse Sale.jpg
1836 Gove House Sale, Mr. Quickfall, Red Lion Inn, Mr. Cave, Mr. Babb, Grimsby

Irene Wilkinson – Grove House. I have a photo of our sixth form taken outside of the front door. Taken 1968 when it was used as a sixth form base. Right at the top of the terraces.It was beginning to lean a bit in those days and I think it was demolished on safety grounds.

Sue Ranby – Junior Girl’s common room was bottom left, many happy hours spent there. The wall on the right separated us from the Boys boarding house where Mr Michel and family also lived. We all joined up for meals there.

Betty Welton – I went to help at a garden party there, Mrs Michel organised, beautifully …

Sue Ranby – I returned to play hockey for the Old Girls 1969 and Mr Michel showed me round Grove House – they had the luxury of carpets, just bare floorboards in my day! Went on to play hockey for Caistor Ladies with the Phillipe(?) twins – only one season though as moved away from Market Rasen.

Carol Barnes – Phillipe twins weren’t they the Chemist’s daughters

Sue Ranby – Yes, one was called Rose I think.

Sarah Howden – Arthur Phillipe was father

Tom Hunter – The Daughters were Rosemary and Alison. They were both in the same year as myself, started in September 1964

Photograph Jane Anne Campbell lived 1888 to c1919023.jpg
Grove House


Early C20th Girls’ Dormitory


L.CAIHC.CGS.2011.RB Grove House18.jpg
Before demolition
L.CAIHC.CGS.2011.RB Grove House17.jpg
Before demolition
L.CAIHC.CGS.2011.RB Grove House16.jpg
Before demolition
L.CAIHC.CGS.2011.RB Grove House15.jpg
Before demolition
L.CAIHC.CGS.2011.RB Grove House14.jpg
Before demolition
L.CAIHC.CGS.2011.RB Grove House13.jpg
Before demolition
L.CAIHC.CGS.2011.RB Grove House12.jpg
Before demolition
Before demolition
L.CAIHC.CGS.2011.RB Grove House10.jpg
Before demolition
L.CAIHC.CGS.2011.RB Grove House6.jpg
Before demolition
L.CAIHC.CGS.2011.RB Grove House5.jpg
Before demolition
L.CAIHC.CGS.2011.RB Grove House2.jpg
Before demolition


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Girl’s Boarding House

grammar school072.jpg


C1960 Aerial view of Grove House Hull Daily Mail photo


1987 14th August 02.jpg
1987 Aug 14th


1987 14th August.jpg
1987 Aug 14th
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Grove House, girls’ boarding house, from dormitory in Lindsey House; Harvey Roberts action shot


Grove House001.jpg
Structure Supports
1898. The Campbell ladies and children venturing out in the snow. From the Rev David Saunders Collection. Caistor Heritage Trust.
This is said to be a group enjoying themselves in Grove House garden. The Campbells often allowed their garden to be used for fetes etc. especially in aid of the Congregational chapel. I wonder if this garden looked too flat for the Grove House site. From the Rev. David Saunders collection. Caistor Heritage Trust.
n outing to the seaside (possibly Cleethorpes). Three children with their governess. William and Jane (nee Varlow) of South Street. They lived in Grove House (on the Grammar School site) and supported the Congregational chapel. L to R: Alice Campbell, Martha (Governess), William (went to Australia), Kate who married Arnold Roebuck, a teacher at the Grammar School. From the Rev. David Saunders collection. Caistor Heritage Trust