Gad Whip

“The following account of the Gad Whip was given to me (Ethel Rudkin) by an old lady of eighty-four (in 1931) who lives in Caistor and remembers the custom when it was carried out yearly…..

‘Every year on Palm Sunday an man ’d come from Broughton with a new Gad Whip, an’ ‘e put the siller (silver) penny in the purse that was on the end of the thong – ‘e used ter keep the siller penny a –purpose for the job – then a bot o’ wicken tree was bound round the whip stock, an’ that was done because the lad wot was found on the “Undon ‘Ills was caught by the Master at ‘Undon and thrashed with a branch o’ wicken while (until) ‘e died. Well, the man from Broughton stood in the North Porch o’ the Church, an’ cracked the whip three times inside o’ the Church – aye! An’ a rare ‘and ‘e was at doing it, an’ all – then ‘e come in to the Chuirch, an’ during the first lesson ‘e swund the thong o’ the whip three times round the parson’s ‘ead, an’ then ‘e went an’ sat down, or else went out…”