The Fountain Inn


1871_1910 David Saunders.jpg
From Rev. David Saunders Book “Portraits of Caistor”. The book gives details of all the inns of Caistor. Contact the website if you would like to purchase a copy.

The Fountain Inn was at the bottom of Fountain Street. It was a beer house with its own brewery. The following is taken by a book by the Rev. David Saunders and shows the landlords between C1871 – C1913. They were George Shepherd, William Sharpe, Charles Dawson and his brothers William and Thomas


C2000 photograph of the buildings as a modern residence. The inn was demolished and would have been sited near the road sign in the middle distance. The building on the left was the Fountain Brewery. On the right can be seen in the wall the bricked up steps to a row of cottages that one were on the site. Photograph by Alan Dennis


Gate into the brewery. Modern photograph. Photograph by Alan Dennis


Present day photograph of the brewery site showing houses. This is a private garden. Photo by Alan Dennis with kingd permission of the owners.


Whitegate Hill and Fountain Street.jpg
Early photograph from the Churchyard showing the brewery in the lower right hand corner. Caistor Heritage Trust


Fountain St Brewery.jpg
Fountain Inn can be seen on the middle right with the brewery in the centre of the photograph. Caistor Heritage Trust


Early beer bottle. Caistor Heritage Trust

Maps of the area

1887 Map Fountain Street.jpg
1887. Notice the buildings where there is now a pond. Caistor Heritage Trust


Map Fountain Street.jpg
Caistor Heritage Trust
1912 Licence.jpeg
Stamford Mercury 1912
1872 Christian.jpeg
1872 John Christian. Rev David Saunders Collection held by Caistor Heritage Trust