Friendship Club

1977 Friendship Club.jpg
Age Concern Long Service Brooch. 7th October 1977 from an unknown newspaper. Taken from the Miss Kit Reader Scrapbook and in the Caistor Heritage Trust Archive.
Funeral Florence Elizabeth Wilkinson nee Rudkin.jpg
A newspaper cutting from an unknown newspaper and date. From the Caistor Heritage Trust Archive.
May 1978 25 years.jpg
May 1978 Friendship Club. 25 years celebration.Photograph from the Caistor Heritage Trust Archive. Carol Barnes – George Marrows, Kitty Reader, Mrs. Brocklesby, Mrs Griffiths, Mrs Muriel Barr, Mrs. Cook and Clara Harrison; Jackie Thomas – Little lady, on the left, is Miss Green she use to live in Grasby as a  house keeper for Walt Turner. Ann Hills – My mum, Doris Richards, back row 3rd from right behind Mrs Barr
Mervyn Ann Bennett – Both my grandma Cook and nanna King in this picture
Elizabeth Bell Gladys Robinson stood front row
Neil Clark Far right top row my grandma Ivy Thompson, 2nd right top row Frank Hollingsworth. Helen Pearce -Charles Smith back row. Kimberley EllenSeated bottom left is my Great Great Grandmother Ada Carr.



Harvest Gill Anderton post.jpg
A Gillian Anderton newspaper (name and date unknown) clipping. Carol Barnes – Winifred Varlow and Kitty Reader also. Gillian Anderson Yes it is, they look to be enjoying themselves. Irene Wilkinson – These ladies all had a part in my childhood . Both Winifred and Kitty taught me at Primary School . Winifred inspired me to become a teacher . Elsie was always at chapel on Sundays and was in the choir . Along with her sister Gwen she was a lovely singer . Dorothy supervised us at youth club and was also always at chapel . It seems that they never stopped working for the community . Ava Bridgestock – What a lovely lady Elsie Audin was. Carol Barnes – Elsie and Winifred were both good singers.
Carol Barnes photograph of the Frienship Club Choir. Carol Barnes – Mrs Sparrow third from left front. Mrs Griffiths farthest left. Choir mistress lived at the top of North Street. Granny (Brock) Brocklesby second from right in the green velvet dress (probably made it herself.) Peter Cavallini – Nice to see Auntie May Sparrow, who was my grandma’s sister in law. Carol Barnes She lived in that big house three storey in Horsemarket (Hope House), I think. Carol Barnes – One of the songs they sang was Brother James Air. I still have Grans copy. Ralph Rodwell – Mrs Cooper 3rd from right, Mim Atkin 6th from right, Mrs Robinson 8th from right.
Carol Barnes photograph. Frienship Club outing. Date unknown. Carol Barnes – The lady third from the right she lived on Riby Road with her daughter Trixie and Grandson Francis. Mrs. Lord on the right. Mrs Mason peeping between my Gran Rosetta Brocklesby to the right of her Irene Wilkinson – Francis Barnett was Trixie’s son Carol . Catherine Stones – Amy Soar 3rd left. Ralph Rodwell – Miriam Irene Alma Atkin, my granny fourth from right