Fixter – South Street

Pybus Shop to the left of the White Hart Inn and situated in the Butter Market. It was later William Fixter’s and finally Mr. Pickering.  On the corner of the Butter Market can be seen the shop belonging to the Wigglesworth family.
The old building was demolished at some point and rebuilt set further back from the White Hart. I wonder if this was to ease traffic congestion as this was the main route through the town before the by-pass was built. At the time of the photograph it was occupied by William Fixter. It was destroyed by fire in 1919.
Fixter 01.jpeg
1905 September 16th. The poster was printer by Parker’s of the Market Place, Caistor
south st-silver jubilee 1935292.jpg
William Fixter’s shop can be seen on the right hand edge. I assume one of the people standing outside will be Mr. Fixter.
1911 from the Parish Magazine.
1919 Pickering.jpg
1919 Fire at the time when the shop belonged to Mr. Pickering.