Cornhill, Butcher. This is the corner of South Street and Cornhill

Bruce Curtis – Albert, was very “careful” with money. He used to go into Hannah’s shop and eat her chocolate, until one day she replaced the chocolate with laxative.

Carol Barnes – Gosh he was. Mum did all sorts of odd jobs for them but when she needed some change he would get his biscuit tin out and change it down to the last halfpenny.

callow van.jpg

Callow H Buthcher Van.jpg

H. Callow – returned from the First World war

H Callow copy.jpg

Gillian Anderson – My dad as a teenager working with Albert Callow, a butcher, they are delivering on Whitegate Hill, this was approximately early 1930’s before he joined the RAF when the war began.

Carol Barnes – Albert Callow lived at the bottom of North Street next to us and the bowling green he lived with his brother Walter and his Sister Aulsie. Mum went to see the films at the Town Hall with Albert because Dad wasn’t too keen on films.

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Albert Callow C1920

Albert Callow maybe 1910 to 1930 copy.jpg

Cyril Callow on the left

Cyril Callow on left.jpg

Sara Callow nee Usher Clara Harrison’s mother

Sara Callow nee usher Clara Harrisons mother.jpg

Walter Callow

Walter Callow 1938 age 16.jpg