Caistor Diary 1902

1902 January 20th .. At a meeting of the Lighting Committee convened to be held at the Gas Works for the inspection of the new lamp for the Market Place… Mr. Brown in the Chair. There were also present Messrs. Eyre, Rawlinson and Lyne.

After the new lamp had been inspected the Committee adjourned to the Market Place where they were joined by Messrs. Lord, C. Parker & P. Taylor. After the ground where the lamp would stand had been examined the Committee adjourned to Mr. Brown’s office. Mr. Mairs stated that the Toll Committee had agreed to fix the new lamp at their expense. ….. the new lamp with its three burners be fixed and that the lamp at Doctor Gaman’s corner be taken down providing the expense of mantles & globes be paid by the residents in the Market Place. Lighting Committee Caistor Town Council Minutes 19th December 1894 – 7th June 1910

1902 January 27th …. The Clerk read the report of the deputation which had been to Winterton and Broughton to make inquiries regarding the Urban District Councils of those towns… matter was deferred.

The reply from the Rural District Council regarding the taking of offices for the use of the Sanitary Inspector & Highway Surveyor was read….. that, if possible, the advertisement regarding the office of Highway Surveyor be referred to with a view of complaining to the Local Government Board, if necessary. Mr. Glew promised to examine the Rural District Council Minute Book for this purpose.

The question of some of the street lamps burning all night was brought forward …. the matter to be left to the Lighting Committee – which should have power to act as long as expenses were not increased.

… Mr. Watson drew attention to the matter of the fish van standing in the Butter Market….. Caistor Town Council Minutes 19th December 1894 – 7th June 1910

1902 February 15th Lincolnshire Veterinary Medical Association. The annual meeting of this association was held at the George Hotel, Grantham, on Thursday, when a fair number of members were present, …… The election of officers for the next year resulted as follows:—…. Mr. W. W. Lang (Caistor) …… were elected members of the association, …… Lincolnshire Echo

1902 March 24th …. the Clerk write to Messrs. Hewitt Bros. asking them if they are aware that their private property opposite the Griffin Inn is occupied permanently by a portable fish van, & stating that it is the belief of the Council that they are unaware of the disfigurement caused by the above van. Lighting Committee Caistor Town Council Minutes 19th December 1894 – 7th June 1910

1902 April 21st …. a Parish Meeting be convened for the purpose of considering what steps shall be taken for the celebration of the Coronantion of His Majesty King Edward VII. Caistor Town Council Minutes 19th December 1894 – 7th June 1910

1902 May 1sst. … to determine how the Coronantion of King Edward VII shall be celebrated in Caistor…..

…. the Parish Council be appointed as a Committee to carry out the arrangements for the celebration…. & that other Ratepayers of the Parish be added to this Committee…

… proposed and seconded …. Mr. Campbell .. Mr W. Robinson .. Dr Gaman .. Mr R J Watson .. Mr P Taylor .. Mr Shepherd .. Mr Holmes .. Mr Gaman .. Dr Leakey .. Mr Gross .. Mr Cousans .. Mr Ratcliff .. Mr Bridgeman .. Mr. S T Haddelsey .. Mr Surfleet .. Captain Chapman .. Mr Lord .. Mr Westbrooke .. Mr G Towle .. Mr A W Holehouse .. Mr Chas Wilson … be added to the Committee.

… the Committe have the power to add to their number.

…. Mr P taylor be appointed Treasurer,

…. Mr Lyne be appointed Secretary…. Mr Bridgeman be appointed Secretary to act with Mr Lyne.

… the money required for the celebrations be taken out of the Rates – the amount not to exceed 2d in the £….. proposed an amendment .. that the money be raised by voluntary subscription .. the amendment was therefore carried. Caistor Town Council Minutes 4th December 1894 – 21st February 1961

1902 June 16th ….. A letter from the Coronation Committee inviting the Parish Council to join the procession on the occasion of the Coronation of His Majesty King Edward VII… invitation be accepted.

A letter from the Clerk to the Rural District Council asking for the opinion and observations of the Council with reference to the suggestion of re-opening the footpath leading from High Street to North Street for horses and cattle, was read…. a letter be written to the Rural District Council stating that, although the Parish Council consider it desirable to the residents in North Street that the footpath remain closed, they are still of the opinion that the stoppage of the drift way is illegal … proposition not seconded… Proposed that it be stated that in the opinion of the Parish Council the stoppage of the drift way is illegal, & that a suggestion be made that it could be altered by placing a slope from the road to the footpath… Carried Caistor Town Council Minutes 19th December 1894 – 7th June 1910

1902 June 20th Wedding.— On Tuesday a wedding took place the contracting parties being Fred (Manchester), youngest son of the late Mr E. Smith, Caistor, and Mary Ellen second daughter of John Henry Briggs, Caistor. The ceremony took place at the Wesleyan Chapel, the Rev Wm. Powell officiating. There was large gathering of friends of the bride and bridegroom, each of whom has been connected with the Wesleyan Sunday school. The bride’s father gave her away, and her two sisters, Miss and Miss F. Briggs, were bridesmaids. 20th June 1902

1902 July 3rd   The bonfire on the Top House Hill (one of the highest points on the Wolds) was lighted at ten o’clock on Monday. The Brass Band played selections in the early part of the evening in the Market-place, and at half-past nine a procession was formed, headed by the band, and marched to the bonfire. At ten o’clock the band commenced the National Anthem and the fire was set going. A large number of people turned out to witness the blaze. The light on Lincoln Minster was not visible from the top of the hill owing to the night being foggy. Hull Daily Mail


1902 July 7th The Workhouse Master. At the fortnightly meeting of the Guardians, held on Saturday, Mr. T. Nettleship presiding, a letter was read from the Local Government Board stating that they had had under consideration the Guardians’ letters with reference to the proceedings of the master of the workhouse, Mr. A. H. Holehouse, and that they considered that his administration of the establishment had been unsatisfactory. Having regard to the two warnings which had been addressed to him, they did not feel justified in opposing the Guardians’ desire that his appointment should be terminated. Hull Daily Mail

1902 August 11th … to ask the Gas and Coke Co. Ltd. for a reduction in the price charged for street lighting…. Lighting Committee Caistor Town Council Minutes 19th December 1894 – 7th June 1910

1902 August 11th …. a letter be sent to the County Council asking for a reply to the last letter sent by the Parish Council referring to the complaints regarding the state of Caistor highways and footpaths.

The Chairman produced the following telegram from Sir Francis Knollys in answer to the telegram of congratulations sent to the King on the occasion of his coronation.

Buckingham Palace, Aug. 11th 1902

To C. Brown, Chairman Parish Council, Caistor, Lincoln.

The King commands me to thank you for your kind telegram of congratulations.

Knollys. Caistor Town Council Minutes 19th December 1894 – 7th June 1910

1902 August 18th …Special Meeting of the Parish Council… Mr. Lyne spoke of the meeting of the deputation of the Parish Council with the Directors of the Caistor Gas & Coke Co. Ltd. with reference to the price charged for street lighting and a letter from the above Company was read offering to continue the lighting of the streets on the terms of the present contract or to charge for the gas consumed by each lamp, the quantity consumed being ascertained by meters being fixed to three lamps, the average of the three to be taken as the gas consumed by each lamp, a discount of 5% being allowed to the Council on the gas consumed, the Council paying 1/6d per month for each lamp & lighting. The three meters being purchased by the Council or hired at 9d each per quarter.

… the Council rescind the present contract with the Gas & Coke Co. so far as the lighting of the town is concerned but the Council offer the Gas Company the same terms as before less 71/2 per cent discount and that the offer to charge by meter be declined ….

…. a small committee be formed to make inquiries as to the cost etc of other means of lighting the streets….. Messrs. Lyne, Watson, Cressey, E. S. Topliss & Meanwell be appointed to form the above committee…. Caistor Town Council Minutes 19th December 1894 – 7th June 1910

1902 September 19th …. Special Meeting of the Parish Council… a letter from the Gas Company declining to accept the terms offered by the Council for the lighting of the street lamps and offering to continue lighting the lamps on the terms of the old contract…

….. the Special Lighting Committee had calculated that the cost of lighting the streets by means of parafin oil would be as follows:-

41 lamps =                                           £121 : 0 : 0

Oil                                                       2s : 6¼d per lamp per month

Labour                                                             1s : 0d per lamp per month

Glasses & wick                                                 2d per lamp per month

Total cost of lamp per month =                       3s : 8¼d

… the Council accept the offer of the Gas & Coke Co. Ltd. to light the street lamps on the terms of the old contract, for the term of one year – that is, until the end of the lighting season.

…. the Gas Company be requested to pay more attention as to the time of extinguishing the lamps at night.

…. the Special Lighting Committee keeps in office and keep watch over the waterworks in connection with electric light…. Caistor Town Council Minutes 19th December 1894 – 7th June 1910

1902 September 17th The Isolation Hospital. At a meeting of the Rural Council, on Saturday, the Isolation Hospital Committee recommended that the hospital be closed, except for cases of small-pox, as soon as the patients now in could be sent home. The reason for this recommendation was that the hospital might be completed. Colonel Conway Gordon moved as an amendment that the question be referred back, and there was a long discussion. It was argued by those supporting the amendment that it was absurd to close the hospital at a time when scarlet fever was raging in the district. On the other side it was argued that all sorts of cases were being sent in and that the expenses were growing abnormally. If small-pox were to occur, and the hospital were full of fever patients, another hospital would be necessary. The amendment, however, was carried. Colonel Conway- Gordon remarking that a great deal of trouble arose from the fact of there being no proper agreement between the Caistor and Market Rasen authorities, who jointly controlled the hospital. The Medical Officer of Health contended that the Council was absolutely to blame if anything had gone wrong with regard to the hospital. Hull Daily Mail

1902 October 6th …. A complaint was made that the last street lamp on the Brigg Road was partly obscured by overhanging trees & …. that the attention of Mr. Surfleet be called to the fact and that he be asked to use his influence in getting the obstruction removed. Caistor Town Council Minutes 19th December 1894 – 7th June 1910

1902 November 21st .. the sum of eighty-five pounds be levied for the purposes of the Lighting and Watching Act for the ensuing year.

.. all persons in receipt of Parish Relief excused payment of the Lighting Rate. Caistor Town Council Minutes 4th December 1894 – 21st February 1961

1902 December 1st …. Mr. Watson brought forward a plan for the improvement of the means of obtaining water from the Fountain Street Spring. After explaining the scheme for the improvement by means of diagrams Mr. Watson proposed …. a committee be formed to inspect the Fountain Street spring and ascertain whether the suggestions shown on the diagrams could be carried out, and to ascertain the probable cost….. It was proposed as an amendment … that no action be taken in the matter until it is known what water supply can be obtained by means of the proposed public waterworks…. Mr. Watson’s motion carried. Caistor Town Council Minutes 19th December 1894 – 7th June 1910