Caistor Diary 1901

1901 Population 1567

1901 January 10th   On Sunday a woman named Sharp, who occupied a house on Whitegate Hill, Caistor, was found dead in bed. The sad discovery was made by a little boy, who was in the habit of taking her a can of water every morning and evening. When he tried to open the door on Sunday morning he found it fast, and as he could not make anyone hear told a neighbor, Miss Beech. Miss Beech tried the door, and fearing that something was amiss got into the house through a window. Mrs. Sharp was then dead and cold. At the inquest a verdict of “Death from natural causes” was found. Hull Daily Mail

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1901 January 17th Board Guardians. At the fortnightly meeting on Saturday, Mr G. A. Bellwood presiding, it was agreed to board in the Workhouse 50 inmates from the Grimsby Union, at a charge of 6s 6d each per week. An increase of £5 each per annum in their salaries was granted to the Master and Matron.

On Monday a lecture, “The Story of South Africa,” was given in the Public Hall by Mr. H. J. Bliss (for four years a resident in South Africa). It was illustrated by limelight views. The surplus of the proceeds go to the Parish Church Organ fund. Hull Daily Mail

1901 February 6th Meeting of the Fountain Street Spring Committee.There were present Mr. Lancaster (Chairman) – Messrs. Staniland, Surfleet, Christian (District Councillor) & the Clerk…. something should be done to gather and store the overflow water in a tank for the service of the water carts – the old trough to remain intact. Owing to the fact that an engineer has been approached by the Caistor Rural District Council on the question of the water supply of the whole Parish, it was thought that operations should be deferred until the decision of the Rural District Council was made known …… Fountain Street Spring Committee Caistor Town Council Minutes 19th December 1894 – 7th June 1910

1901 Copy of telegram sent by Mr. Brown, as Chairman of Parish Council to His Majesty King Edward VII on the occasion of the death of Her late Majesty Queen Victoria. “The Parish Council of Caistor, Lincolnshire, beg to express their heart-felt sorrow and humbly and respectfully tender their deepest sympathy on the death of their beloved Queen Victoria and also desire to express their loyalty and fidelity to their King.

Chas. Brown, Chairman

Copy of Reply

Home Office, Whitehall

1st February 1901


I am commanded by the King to convey to you hereby His Majesty’s thanks for the loyal and dutiful address of the Caistor Parish Council expressing their sympathy with His Majesty on the occasion of the lamented death of Her late Majesty Queen Victoria.

I am


Your obedient servant

Chas. T. Kitchie

1901 February 11th …. Messrs Johnson & Sons = lamps for Fire Engine £1 : 3 : 10 Finance Committee Caistor Town Council Minutes 19th December 1894 – 7th June 1910

1901 February 11th …. The Fire Engine Committee agreed to call upon Miss Kent and ascertain whether the old malt kiln is a suitable place in which to keep the proposed fire escape.

The acknowledgement of the receipt of the application for a waiting room at Moortown Station, from the Great Central Railway Co. …. a letter be written to the Company calling their attention to the danger which exists by the fact that trains come from opposite directions almost at the same time and that nothing had been done to lessen the danger.

The highways of the Parish were then considered … a copy of the letter sent to the Rural District Council last March be forwarded to the County Council with the statement that hardly any of the proposed repairs had been executed and a request that they would use their power & influence in the matter. Caistor Town Council Minutes 19th December 1894 – 7th June 1910

1901 February 28th An L.G.B. Inquiry An inquiry was held at Caistor on Wednesday by Mr Arnold Royle, C.B., the Local Government Board Medical Department into the application of the Caistor Rural Council for power to borrow £700 for the purchase and preparation of a site for an infectious disease hospital. The site selected in the parish of Osgodby, and a corrugated iron hospital has been erected. No opposition was raised. Hull Daily Mail

1901 March 4th … that the business before the meeting was the election of Parish Councillors and asked that nomination papers be handed in. The following persons were nominated and were voted for as follows by show of hands.

….. Mr. Stainiland received the same number of votes as Mr. Rawlinson and the Chairman gave his casting vote in favour of Mr. Rawlinson as Mr. Staniland was already a Parish Officer.

The legal time having elapsed & no poll been demanded the Chairman declared the meeting closed. Caistor Town Council Minutes 4th December 1894 – 21st February 1961

1901 March 5th Board of Guardians. A meeting was held on Saturday, Mr. G. Bellwood presiding. The visitors, Messrs. Thornton, Drayton, and Davis reported that the inmates from Grimsby had spoken in eulogistic terms of the treatment received in the Workhouse. It was, they said, much superior to that at Grimsby. The master’s books were stated to be correct and up-to-date. The Contract and Building Committee recommended that the work of the infirmary be commenced at once. This was agreed to. The contract for trees was considered, and the price of £4 was accepted. Hull Daily Mail

1901 March 25th … Mr. Rawlinson ….. had approached Miss Kent on the subject of hiring the malt kiln as a storage for the proposed fire escape, and the rent asked by Miss Kent for the malt kiln was £60 per annum, the Parish Council to keep it in repair and pay all rates. …. the offer be not entertained….Mr. Lancaster mentioned that at Brigg there was simply a long light ladder as a fire escape …. enquire whether this was satisfactory.

a Horse Market.jpg
The malt kiln was behind the far house / shop on the left.

… Mr. Mundin had given up his allotment … that Mr. Cammack (the only applicant) be offered the acre of allotment land….. Caistor Town Council Minutes 19th December 1894 – 7th June 1910

1901 April 16th Board of Guardians. A meeting was held on Saturday, Mr. T. Nettleship presiding. Present: Mrs. Campbell, Mrs. Sharpley; Messrs. F. Naylor, Cocking, W. Fletcher, J. Taylor, J. Odling, A. J. Tillett, H. Davy, E. Abraham, D. Major, J. T. Glew, J. Thornton, W. Walker, G. Bell, T. Drayton, J. C. Fieldsend, G. Thompson, and Colonel Gordon. The master suggested alterations in the dietary tables, which were agreed to by the Board. The master also stated that the new dietary table would cause him a deal of extra clerical work, and he suggested that a younger porter be engaged, or else a young clerk The matter was deferred until the new Board came into office. The Contract Committee reported having received the following prices for the work to be done at the Infirmary:— Mr. Webb, Grimsby. £220; Mr. Wilkins, Osgodby, £206; Mr. Topliss, Caistor, £182 15s 6d; Mr. Buncroft, Caistor, £174 18s: Messrs. Curtis and Mills, Moortown, £174 7s 7d; Mr. Sutton, Market Rasen, £160 5s. Mr. Sutton was appointed to do the work. Hull Daily Mail

1901 April 29th Board of Guardians. At the annual meeting on Saturday, Mr T. Nettleship was re-elected chairman, and Mr G. A. Bellwood and Colonel Conway Gordon vice-chairmen. Mrs Campbell, Caistor, and the Rev S. Lewin, Tealby, were elected co-optative Guardians. Thew annual meeting of the Rural Council followed, when Alderman Prankish was again elected chairman, with Mr Bellwood as vice-chairman. It was announced that a cheque for £1,217 had been received, being the grant under the Agricultural Rates Act. Hull Daily Mail

1901 May 1st ….. A letter was read from the Captain of the Fire Brigade (Mr. J. H. Wood) complaining that the fire engine was not kept in good order and asking that the entire management of the engine might be left in his hands…. a meeting of the Fire Engine Committee be called, that the matter might be looked into. Caistor Town Council Minutes 19th December 1894 – 7th June 1910

1901 May 9th A somewhat serious cycle accident occurred at Caistor on Monday. Mr. W. W. Lang, veterinary surgeon, Caistor, was riding , down Cherry Holt-hill, having some instruments fastened on his machine. The instruments became loose and fell. Being caught in the wheels, the bicycle was suddenly stopped, the result being that Mr. Lang was pitched off the machine and his hands and face were damaged, in addition to which he was severely shaken. The front wheel of the machine was completely wrecked. Hull Daily Mail

1901 May 14th Board of Guardians.—The fortnightly meeting was held on Saturday, Mr T. Nettleship presiding. ……… The Inspector explained that although he had been appointed over a year he had never visited Caistor, because he had heard such a good account of the, workhouse and its management. He was glad to find they gave a definite out-door relief, and that the improvements to the Infirmary were being taken in hand. Hull Daily Mail

1901 June 13th Caistor Petty Sessions. Wednesday. Before the Rev H. C. Brewster, and Messrs. W H. Coates, C.C., W. Campbell, C.C., and A. W. Frankish …..

William Thomas Garland Shepherd, painter and bill-poster, of Caistor, was charged by his wife Ann for assaulting her at Caistor on the 8th inst. Defendant was arrested on a warrant on the 8th inst. and allowed out on bail on the 9th. Mrs. Shepherd applied to be allowed to withdraw the charge but the Bench said they would adjourn the case for a month to see how defendant conducted himself. ….

P C Croft proved that ?? Ward, fisherman, of Grimsby, was fined ?? and ?s 6d costs for furiously riding bicycle in Caistor on 6th June. Defendant said he lost control of his machine coming down the Grimsby-road. He did not see the danger board at the top of the hill. The Chairman, knowing that the board was very plain to see, remarked, “If you will go riding about the country with your eyes shut to all danger signals you are very dangerous to the public.” Lincolnshire Echo


1901 June 20th – Fire Engine Committee …. Mr. Rawlinson stated that the fire engine was in a very bad state and … the entire management thereof should be left in the hands of Mr. Wood for the extra remuneration of £1 per annum. …..

…… Mr. Ramsden be paid the sum of five shillings for services rendered as caretaker of fire engine from March 31st 1901 to June 30th 1901 and that the Clerk be instructed to inform him that his services will be no longer required, and get possession of the key of the engine house.

….. the key of the engine house be kept at the “George” Inn & that a notice to that effect be painted on the Engine House doors.

…. Messrs. Chas. Smith & Geo. Taylor be members of the Fire Brigade. Fire Engine Committee Caistor Town Council Minutes 19th December 1894 – 7th June 1910

1901 June 24th … the gas lamps near Mr. J. Watson’s shop be removed into the square in front of the Griffin Inn to show light down Sessions Hall Lane & that two burners be affixed thereto. ….

Butter Market.jpg

…. the brackets on Mr. Wright’s house and Mrs. Gorbutt’s shop be removed, & one of them fixed on the buttress on Mr. Haddlesey’s office, opposite Plough Hill. Lighting Committee Caistor Town Council Minutes 19th December 1894 – 7th June 1910

1901 August 9th Caistor Special Sessions – Before the Rev. H. C. Brewster, and Messrs. W. H. Coates, C.C., and W. Campbell, C.C.

John Hanson, of Caistor, farmer, was fined 5s, including costs for allowing cows to stray on the Brigg road, Caistor, on 10thJuly last.

Arthur Clayton. of North Kelsey, beer house keeper, was fined 2s 6d, and costs 4s 6d, for using obscene language (No 4 Bye-Law), at Caistor, on 10th July last. …

Sam Nicholson White, of Thrunscoe, farmer, was fined 9s, including costs, for being in such a situation as not to have control of a horse at Caistor, on the 19th July last. It appears defendant was spending his time in the Fleece Inn and left his horse and cart standing on the highway, Instead of putting it the yard.

Joseph Allpress of Caistor, drover, was fined 10s including costs for being drank in charge of a horse at Caistor on 6thJune last. Lincolnshire Echo

1901 August 12th …. Mr. Watson and Mr. Lyne offered to provide an incandescent burner a/c to the gas lamp in front of the Griffin Inn if the Gas Company will provide a suitable lantern…. the offer of the two gentlemen be accepted.

… one of the lamps which are to be removed from Mr. Wright’s house and Mrs. Gorbutt’s shop be placed near Cromwell View which proposition was not seconded…. that question of placing a lamp near Cromwell View be left in the hands of the Lighting Committee with power to have one placed there if it is deemed necessary.

… ask for an estimate [from the Gas Company] of the cost of all the proposed alterations …..

… the Gas Company be asked to allow the lamps in front of the Griffin Inn to burn all night and, if this is so arranged, one of the burners of the Market Place lamps be extinguished at the ordinary time.

…. the Clerk obtain information concerning the formation of an Urban Council. Caistor Town Council Minutes 19th December 1894 – 7th June 1910

1901 August 23rd The seventh annual meeting of the (Independent Order of Rechabites) District Council was held in the Town Hall, Caistor, on Thursday. The chair was taken by Bro. D. D. Rawlings (Louth), District Chief Ruler, the following district officers and representatives were present: …. Bro. J. R. Dixon (Holdfast, Caistor) …… After the opening ceremony the D.C.R. (Bro. Rawlings) gave his report, as did the D.S.J.T. (Bro. Trafford), both of whom were of encouraging nature. The D.C.R. then called upon the District Secretary to give the Annual Report of the District which was as follows. The total membership of the District was now 1,305, consisting of 649 financial, 60 honorary, 23 members’ wives, 573 juveniles, an increase of 146 members. During the year 44 Juvenile members had been transferred to Adult Tents. All the Tents in the district, with the exception of one, reported an increase in membership, the “Star of Hope” taking the place of honour with an increase of 21 members. One new Tent had been instituted Newland Mission, Lincoln, and was making rapid progress. The financial position of the District was very satisfactory, the total funds now amounting to £2,011 17s 3d, an increase on the year of £338 0s 7d. Representatives of the local Branches of the Druids and Oddfellows attended and gave hearty welcome to the Council assembled, and expressed their pleasure at meeting kindred Society at Caistor. A number of resolutions from various Tents in the District were submitted, and created in some instances strong discussions. A resolution from Caistor that the D.S.J.T. be a member of the Adult Executive was carried. ….. The Caistor friends had kindly provided an excellent dinner and tea and after the business an adjournment was made to Mr. Campbell’s beautiful grounds. Lincolnshire Echo

1901 September 9th … Messrs Watson & Lyne offered to provide mantles for the incandescent burner of the Butter Market lamp for three years and… that the gentlemen be thanked for their offer and that it be accepted.

…. the lamp for Plough Hill be placed on the south corner of the buttress on Mr. Haddelsey’s office. … an amendment … that it be placed on Mr. Button’s house as near the steps as possible … the original proposition was carried.

…. the Gas Co.’s offer to fit up the above lamps for £1 : 10 : 0 be accepted.

… the Gas Co.’s estimate of 5/- for removing the lamp from Mrs. Gorbutt’s shop be accepted.

…. a lamp be be placed near Cromwell View.

…. the Gas Co. assented to the Butter Market and one burner of the Market Place lamp burning all night. …. Lighting Committee Caistor Town Council Minutes 19th December 1894 – 7th June 1910

1901 September 16th At a Special Meeting of the Council to consider the correct time for holding the Caistor October Fair ….. is the first Saturday after the 11th of October. Caistor Town Council Minutes 19th December 1894 – 7th June 1910

1901 October 4th For a period of nearly half a century Ald. W. Frankish. J. P., has farmed at Great Limber, but the ties which have bound him to the locality are, unfortunately, for the village and the neighbourhood (for men of Alderman Frankish’s stamp do not confine their influence to any one place) are about to be broken, and the sale which took place on Wednesday at Great Limber called public attention to the loss which the district will sustain by his removal. Besides 670 lambs, which sold briskly at prices ranging from 25s to 30s per head, there were also sold by Mr. Dickinson a fine herd of 124 registered shorthorn cattle. A young pedigree bull was knocked down for £14 10s to Mr. Palmer, of Hull, whilst a three-year-old bred bull, Horkstow premier, bred by Mr. Turton, of Horkstow, realised £19 5s, Mr. Brown of Alford, being the purchaser. The prices made for the cattle were not so satisfactory as those realised for the sheep. Cows and heifers averaged about £10 5s; the 33 calves sold made about £5 10s each; whilst the steers sold for £10 10s. A bay gelding, five years old, described as quite to ride and drive, was withdrawn at 25 guineas, but a roan mare, five years old was purchased by Mr. Jackson, of Caistor, for Mr. Varlow, the price being 25 guineas. Lincolnshire Echo

1901 October 7th … The question of Urban powers was then brought forward and it was proposed … that Mr. Meanwell and the Clerk visit Broughton and Winterton and make inquiries as to the working and cost of the Urban Councils of those towns. … write to the County Council and ascertain the feeling of the County Council with reference to the granting of Urban powers.

A report on the water supply of Caistor, received from the Rural District Council, was read and it was proposed …. the Clerk write to the Rural District Council asking how the initial costing & the working expenses of the proposed water scheme will be met.

… write to the County Council asking what steps have been taken with regard to the complaint made by the Parish Council with reference to the bad state of the highways & footpaths in Caistor.

A notice was read from Mr. T. Brown that he intended giving up possession of the allotment held by him, at Lady Day. Caistor Town Council Minutes 19th December 1894 – 7th June 1910

1901 November 21st … the sum of £85 be levied for the purposes of the Lighting and Watching Act….

… persons in receipt of Parish Relief be excused the Lighting Rate…. Caistor Town Council Minutes 4th December 1894 – 21st February 1961

1901 December 2nd …. The reply from Mr. Scorer with regard to urban powers, and stating that the members of the County Council were not in favour of granting those powers to small places was read.

The Clerk said that when this letter was received it had been thought advisable to defer the proposed visit to Winterton and Broughton until the wishes of the present meeting was known…. still go to those towns and make inquiry as to the working of the Urban District Councils there.

The reply from the Rural District Council stating that the expenses of the proposed water scheme would be met by means of a loan & that the rents received for use of the water would probably cover the expenses..

The remarks of the Caistor Rural District Council (forwarded by Mr. Scorer) on the complaint of the Parish Council with regard to the bad state of the Caistor Highways & Footpaths were then read…. the Clerk write to the county Council stating that some roads and footpaths which had been reported as done were not done.

…. the acre of allotment given up by Mr. Green be offered to Mr. Chas. White… given up by Mr. Tho. Brown be offered to Mr. Lowish …. the 1/2 acre of allotment given up by Mr. J. Alcock be offered to Mr. Hopper.

The Chairman then explained that a very strong feeling existed in the Parish within regard to the proposal of the Rural District Council to provide offices for their Sanitary Inspector & Highway Surveyor…. “That the Caistor Parish Council most strongly protest against the proposal of the Caistor Rural District Council to rent, fit up, furnish and maintain at the expense of the ratepayers an office for their District Surveyor & Sanitary Inspector such expenditure being unnecessary & contrary to the terms on which those officers were engaged & that a copy of this resolution be sent to the Rural District Council & also to the Rural District Councillor for Caistor”. Caistor Town Council Minutes 19th December 1894 – 7th June 1910