British Legion

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Karen Wilson – “Looks like the old upstairs room at the British Legion on Church Street.” Frances Winslow – “Charles Todd, John Bray, Bernard Borrill, Eric Britten, Alan Lockington, left to right.”   Lynne Hardwick – “My mum in background Margaret Bennett.”   Brian Hunter – “Charles Todd on the left. My old boss for over 15 years until he retired and I took over. ”  Maureen Suddaby – “Alan Lockington on the right and Eric Britten. Carole Barnes and I worked with them at Caistor R.D.C.”           Caistor Heritage Trust Archive
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Margaret Howden posted the photograph.       Zena Sandra Walker – “There’s my dad, Ted Lewis.”  Alison Demerliac – “Cyril Clark front row first our right…(my grandad) and Ken Clark front row 2nd our left…my dad.)”          Irene Wilkinson – “Looks like Eric Britten middle bottom row.”    Sue Lindsay – “Looks like Tom Richards+Jack Larder back row. ”            Julie Larder- Dyson – “Jack Larder second left.”      Carol Barnes – “The Library used to be in this building and I remember going up the stairs to change my books. Eric Britten’s on this one,”   Ruth.               Janice Dean – “I can see Grandad Langley’s wearing his work apron. He and Uncle Ket worked for Varlow’s. Grandma and Grandad had their Diamond Wedding party upstairs in this building in 1973. ”    Leslie Cote de Rhone – “Who is the man third from left in the front row? He is the spit of Frankie Thomas?”       Gillian Anderton – “That has got to be Frankie’s dad Bill Thomas.”           Zena Sandra Walker – “No it’s my dad. Ted Lewis ! Dad and Bill Thomas were brothers. Dad and Uncle Bill were very alike as all us Lewis s and Thomas s are ! true brothers, true cousins and true blood – long story about the different surname.”
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1948 Annual Dinner Front Cover, From the Rev David Saunders Collection – Caistor Heritage Trust Archive.
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1948 Annual Dinner Pages 2 and 3, From the Rev David Saunders Collection – Caistor Heritage Trust Archive.
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Alison Demerliac‎ – My dad Kenneth Clark just gave me this photo of the British Legion Dart Team. from left to right : R. Borrel, Clark, J. Dobs, T. Lewis, T. Richards, J. larder and Kenneth Clark. Alison Demerliac posted the photograph

Janice Cumberland – It was it around 1959 when Bingo came to Caistor. They used to have Bingo upstairs in the British Legion on a Saturday night, and upstairs, above the Catholic Church on a Wednesday night. Does anyone remember when the Library was upstairs, in the old British Legion building, 1950’s. The baby Clinic used to be up there too. Mother’s used to be able to buy tinned baby milk powder, Rose hip syrup, Orange juice etc from there. Think it was about 1959 when the Library shut, it was replaced by a mobile Library, which used to park in Chapel Street.

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Photograph posted by Sandra Burniston. Gillian Anderton – The small man is George Ramsden (was caretaker at the Grammar School) and think that could be my dad in front of him, taken at Cleethorpes railway station. Ralph Rodwell – Cyril Clark next to flag bearer Janice Dean – I can see my granddad Harold Langley behind. Lynda Washington – Think the chap at the back looks like it may be Ket Langley? Janice Dean – Yes Lynda, it does look like it might be Ket at the back. Can you see Grandad? Lynda Washington – Yes I can Jancie. See translation Carol Barnes – Mr. Cyril George Barr the row behind the standard bearer in the middle.
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British legion dinner 1953 in the Red Lion posted by Alison Demerliac‎. Phillip Bates – “Frank Green in the centre. ”        Bradleigh Clark – “Ket Langley on the left.”   Gillian Anderton – “George Ramsden on it with his son Walt. Peter Shacklock behind George. ”       Tim Lewis – “My dad Ted Lewis next to Frank Green.”   David Belt – “That’s my Gramps Quintin Parker at the bottom left!”
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2005 November. 6oth Anniversary.
Posted by Carol Barnes. Her mother’s (Mrs. Brocklesby) badge.
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Posted by Carole Barnes. 1949 Her father’s membership card. Mr. H. M. Brocklesby.
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Posted by Elaine Duckworth. C1954 at the Red Lion. Sue Hare – “The man on the right with a moustache looks like my dad Ted Ringrose under the lady with the jug?” Irene Wilkinson – “Percy Stubbs also near the waitress.” Lynn Driffill – “3rd row up on left Mr Clark next to him Charlie Wilkinson.” Laura Binnion – “Ted lewis 2nd from back row.” Margaret Howden – “Ket Langley in the patterned jumper at the end of 3rd row, next but one to him with a lot of hair is Tom Richards.” Phillip Bates – “Fred Sowerby 4th row from back 2nd from left head turned around.” Irene Wilkinson – “Is it your dad with a moustache Sue Hare?” Sue Hare – “Irene I think it is it was taken about 1954 at a guess.. Ralph Rodwell – “Is that Roly Shacklock to right of Ted Ringrose?” Alison Demerliac – “My grandad Cyril Clark third row up first left with no hair.” Ralph Rodwell – “In front of Harry Dixon is Bill Atkin my grandad.” Elaine Duckworth – “This was taken by the Hull Daily Mail if you want to research the date.” Carol Barnes – “Charlie Wilkinson was married to Christine he worked in King’s the butchers. He was not related to our Wilkinsons.” 31 January 2016 at 09:56 · Edited · Like Elaine Duckworth – “Aubrey Dawson is 2nd row from front, 2nd from right, facing the camera, not wearing glasses. Behind him is Tom Richards.” Ann Hills – “I can see Cyril Clark, Herbert Shacklock, Percy Stubbs, Doggie Ramsden also a M.r Langley.” Elaine Duckworth – “It looks like Charlie Wilkinson, 5th row back, 2nd from left.” Ralph Rodwell – “Is that Mr Wood (Colin’s dad) to right of Tom Richards?” Ann Hills – “I reckon it was The Red Lion ballroom.”