The Windmill

The Windmill 1722 – 1859 (Crane; Pied Bull; Wheatsheaf) Plough Hill top of Westgate

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Copied from the Rev. David Saunders book “Portraits of Caistor”
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1920 To Let

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Miss Taylor, the church organist, lived here. She fell in love with Canon Peter Binnel! The house was magnificent with a large grandfather clock in the hall way. There was a big brass letter box on the door.

Win Varlow, as an evacuee teacher, lodged in the house.

Roger Anderson who lived in what was to be called Hope House in the Horse Market also owned this property in the early C19th. Ann Chant lived here at the time.


1722 to 1859 “The Windmill”, “Crane”, “Pied Bull” or “Wheatsheaf” inn. Plough Hill top of (Westgate)