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Mr. Turner

1795 A messuage or dwelling house, with the outhouses and appurtenances, eligibly situated in the Market Place, in the occupation of Mr. Turner.

 1787 S. Turner opposite the George Inn surgeon Apothecary;

1793 Samuel Turner Stamp Duties Hats Gloves perfumery; 1810 Prosecution of Felons;

1810 To the Editor of the Stamford Mercury: ….. “ there is a comparatively large Sunday School in my parish, conducted on Dr. Bell’s scheme of education, conducted on Dr. Bell’s scheme of education; and I am happy in bearing testimony of its success …  although … whoever diffuses useful knowledge … yet are we in duty bound …. Not to withhold from the worthy and ingenious founder of the Madras system, that merit to which he is so justly entitled, since he may, with justice, claim the invention as peculiarly his own……. Samuel Turner

Stephen Berry 

1798 Bakers  – Berry Family went to Grimsby about 1833.

1818 Marriage Mr. R. Hiley, son of Mr. John Wiley, currier, to Miss Berry daughter of Mr. S. Berry, baker.

1827 Mr. Geo. Oliver begs to inform the inhabitants of Caistor and its vicinity that he has taken rooms at Mr. Berry’s … where he has commenced the practice of surgeon, apothecary and accoucheur, and hopes, by an undeviating attention to the duties of his profession, to merit a share of their patronage and support.

1827 At Caistor, aged 58 Mrs. Francis Berry, wife of Stephen Berry, Baker

1828 Mr. William Berry, farmer to Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. J. Cuckson, victualler.

Alfred Meanwell

From about 1868 Alfred Meanwell, baker, grocer and farmer lived on High Street – sold 1899

Alfred Meanwell

Alfred’s parents were called John and Elizabeth and John was an Innkeeper in Louth and he appears on the 1861 census living with them and his siblings.  Elizabeth was born at Ludford.

Lincolnshire Chronicle 30th October 1868 Arthur Meanwell of Caistor married Lucy Otter of Brigg on the 22nd October 1868.

On the 1881 census the family are living High Street Caistor and are listed just before the Kennington’s which may help to pick out where that was

Alfred Meanwell Head 32 born 1849 Grocer and Farmer born Louth

Lucy M Meanwell wife 38 born 1843 Brigg

Lucy Maria Meanwell the dearly beloved wife of Arthur died 31st January 1897

John W Meanwell son 10 born 1871 scholar born Caistor

Emily Meanwell daughter 8 born 1873 scholar born Caistor

Harry Meanwell son 7 born 1874 scholar born Caistor

February 1895 Stamford Mercury.  Meanwell at Goole on 24th January, suddenly Henry

The second son of Alfred and Lucy Meanwell of Caistor aged 21, who was interred at Caistor.  January 28th The very many friends will please accept this heartfelt acknowledgement of their kind expressions of sympathy.

Alfred Meanwell son 5 born 1876

Alfred died at Sheffield 27th December 1914 buried Castor

Edith Meanwell daughter 3 born 1878 Caistor

Frank Meanwell son 2 born 1879 Caistor

Alfred Meanwell buried Church graveyard.  Died 25th December 1929 age 80

The Meanwell family are living the same place 1891 but Alfred has remarried an Amelia Bucknall in Nottingham District March 1898 and they have a daughter Rubie B Meanwell born 1899 Caistor.  Amelia born Fulstow in 1861.

In 1901 the family are still living on High Street, Caistor and Frank now 22 says he is a Butcher.

Various newspaper reports in no order.

Caistor RDC 26th March 1907 stood for election but was not successful.

27th March 1897 Lincolnshire Chronicle Alfred Meanwell agent for The T Establishment Caistor

Winterton Fair 27th June 1903. Alfred Meanwell’s Filly foal won 3rd prize.

22nd August 1884 Supt, Danby applied for summonses against Thomas Moore of Caistor, Marine Store Dealer and Alfred Meanwell, Grocer and Farmer of Caistor for not keeping their dogs under control, which he had good reason to believe were dangerous.  Several people had been hurt, two seriously.  Granted with immediate effect.

Hull Packet 31st March 1871 Mr. Alfred Meanwell was appointed Overseer of the Poor at the Vestry Meeting at Caistor.

3rd August 1888. Presume this is the son Alfred received a prize at Caistor Grammar School.

16the November 1877 Stamford Mercury Jesse infant son of Alfred Meanwell died.

19th August 1910 Alfred Meanwell presided at the monthly people if Caistor Parish Council.

25th September 1887 Stamford Mercury.  Nursery Farm, Caistor.

Mr. B.S. Gorbutt has received instruction from Mr. A Meanwell (who is leaving above farm) to sell by auction on Tuesday April 5th 1887 his valuable sheep, horses and implements details of which will be given in the near future.

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1893, Meanwell, Baker, Grocer, Tea Dealer, Warehouseman


 J. W. Burn

Advert 1915 J W Burn.jpg
1915 J. W. Burn, Baker, Confectioner, Market Rasen