Town Hall

1730 to pre 1849 “The Falcon” or Falcon Arms” and “King’s Arms” inn. High Street on the Town Hall site.
The present Town Hall was erected in 1887 to commemorate the Jubilee of Queen Victoria. A public meeting of parishioners was held in January 1887, at which it was decided that a permanent memorial of the Jubilee should be erected, “it being resolved that such memorial take the shape of a new Town Hall.” There was a generous response to the appeal which was issued and a Committee was elected to carry the work to its completion. Canon W.F.W. Westbrook was Chairman and amongst those on the Committee were Charles Brown (Hon. Sec.), Charles Ainger, Charles Beaumont, Alexander Cameron, John William Christian, Frank Cousans, Bryan Gorbutt, George Haddlesey, John William Dixon, Jonathan Lancaster, George Alfred Levick, William Short Lord, Alfred Meanwell, Charles, George and James Parker, George Sanderson, Tom Smith, William Tritton, Alfred Varlow and Charles Winter. Caistor Parish Magazine July 1951.

Public Hall Trustees Minutes

1888 11th September “.

….. prepare a scale of charges for the letting of the rooms….

… the building be insured for £900 and the furniture for £100 xxxx a xxxx to cover any performances and that the different Agents in the town tender for the insurance.

… to arrange with someone to look after the rooms until a Caretaker is appointed.

…. the question of using the rooms as market rooms be deferred….” Public Hall Trustees Minutes

1888 14th September “The Committee made out a scale of charges for the letting of the rooms with a discretionary power… to make such reductions as they might think necessary in any particular case.
Public Hall Trustees Minutes


High St 07 - Copy.jpg
Postcard from the Caistor Heritage Trust Collection.

1888 27th September “… the building and furniture be insured in the Atlas Office at 3 to 6 % to allow of not more than 12 theatrical performances in a year.

…… Parish Vestry meetings to be free.

That one third of the large hall be used until the end of the year on a Saturday commencing the first Saturday in October from 11 unto 2 o’clock as a market room for the sale of butter, eggs and poultry at a charge of one penny a basket.

… employ some person to collect the money for admission and to take charge of the hall during the market. Public Hall Trustees Minutes

1888 9th November “… bills be printed announcing the opening of the hall for market purposes.

Tenders for the office of Caretaker were read from Edward King for £10; Joseph Ramsden £8; C. Gallon £10; Joshua Foster £26 and Michael Kennington £13….. Joseph Ramsden be engaged at £8 a year payable quarterly subject to a months notice either side.

…. notice boards be provided, the stoves fixed and the lead pipe over the entrance be protected….

…. make enquiries as to the cost of providing new scenery and fittings for the stage…

… that the stage roof be pointed and boarded.” Public Hall Trustees Minutes

1888 3rd December “…. write [to] the architect stating the Committee wish to enforce against Mr. Chapman for his deeloay all the penalty they are entitled to.

… the boarding of the stage be done by Mt. Towle if he will do it for £5.” Public Hall Trustees Minutes

1888 11th December “… A letter … from the architect stating that £20 penalty could be deducted from Mr. Chapman’s account….

The treasurer read over his account from which it appears that there would be a deficiency of about £300….. write to Mr. Melville asking him to allow the deficiency premium at 4 percent in the ordinary way of a banking account the Trustees signing a xxxx and several promising notes for the deficiency.” Public Hall Trustees Minutes

1889 5th December “… accounts for the year ending 11th September last which shows a balance of £328. 4. 1 due to the bank at that date on the Building account and a balance of £14. 13. 2 in hand on the Revenue account…… the balance of £28. 4. 1 be paid off out of Revenue account.
A letter …. from Mr. T. J. Haddelsey asking the Committee to pay Mr. R. Sanderson’s bill of £1. 4. 0 for planning the floor…. the floor be planed when necessary the cost not to exceed 30/.

… a board for entering the date when the hall is engaged be fixed in the entrance…. Public Hall Trustees Minutes

1890 5th December ….. consult the ladies of the town and neighbourhood as to the feasibility of having a bazaar in aid of the building fund…..” Public Hall Trustees Minutes

1891 8th January “….. make arrangements for holding another Bazaar about the end of July.

… get some hat rails put round the rooms under the stage and also procure six forms to be used as six penny seats.” Public Hall Trustees Minutes

1891 23rd July “ ….. at the meeting of the Bazaar Committee they arranged that on the opening of the Bazaar six ladies, one from each stall namely Mrs. Watson, Mrs. Haddelsey, Mrs. Campbell, Mrs. A. J. Watson;, Mrs. G. Kennington and Miss Dent along with Chairman meet the Countess of Yarborough at the door and escort her to the stage……. the Trustees be requested to be present at the opening and to take their seats on the stage at 3 o’clock prompt.” Public Hall Trustees Minutes

1891 11th December “…. New scale of charges for the hire of the hall was amended as follows:
The charges for residents in Caistor for evening entertainments, concerts and lectures was reduced to 12/6 – for bazaars the first day to £1. 10.0, and the charge of £1. 10. 0 for balls to include the use of anterooms, an extra charge of 5/- per day to be made when the hall is previously required for fitting or decorating.” Public Hall Trustees Minutes

1892 11th January “… to have a Ball on the 29th February next in aid of the funds of the hall….  .” Public Hall Trustees Minutes

1892 4th February “…. Mrs. Campbell and Mrs. Dorrington be asked to form a Ladies Committee to provide the supper and decorations and that a sum not exceeding £5 be allowed them for that purpose …. the tickets be 4/- each…… the printing be given to Mr. Bush …. Mr. Webster supply the drink … Layton’s Band be engaged…” Public Hall Trustees Minutes

1892 10th February “…. The  Circular was drawn and it nwas resolved to have 250 copies of it, 150 tickets and 150 programmes…” Public Hall Trustees Minutes

1892 14th November “ ….a ball in aid of the hall funds be held on the 5th January next …. Mrs. Campbell and Mrs. Dorrington be asked to again undertake the management of the supper and decorations and that, if necessary, they be allowed £4 for the purpose.” Public Hall Trustees Minutes

1892 14th December Dance Committee Meeting
“… Lax be engaged ….. Bush do the printing …. Warren have the refreshments and that if he sells in the News Room he pay for the expense of the Policeman in the entrance hall….. “Public Hall Trustees Minutes

1893 30th October “… have the hall thoroughly cleaned, repaired, painted and decorated as soon as possible.

… Caretaker be under the control of Mr. P. Taylor.” Public Hall Trustees Minutes

1894 14th June “… Mr. H. E. Smith attended the meeting and it was resolved that he paint and decorate the hall…” Public Hall Trustees Minutes

1895    2nd January “… Balls and Bazaars be charged 25/- instead of 30/-  … 50 copies of the scale of charges be printed,,,,

…. obtain the necessary material for covering the small anteroom floor.” Public Hall Trustees Minutes

1896 12th March “….  railings be fixed at each end of the front of the stage and that the footlights be protected…. iron rods and curtains for use on the stage for meetings be provided at a cost not exceeding £5… some means be provided for extinguishing fire on the stage…. enquire whether a licence for stage plays is required…. have the hall floor thoroughly washed…… “Public Hall Trustees Minutes

1896 11th June “… Ramsden provide iron rails for the end of the stage & protection for the footlights – iron rods for curtains on stage; 6 fire buckets and 2 hand pumps for stage … Mr. J. Parker provide curtains….

…. if the hall be required for Dairy Lectures it be let for 10/- per night.” Public Hall Trustees Minutes

1897 19th March “ … The Jubilee Account showed still a debt of £50….

…. to decide whether a Ball or any entertainment for the funds of the hall be held in June next in connection with the commemoration of the Queen’s long reign….” Public Hall Trustees Minutes

1898 13th May “…..£15 be taken from the Revenue Account to the Jubilee Account in reduction of the debt.” Public Hall Trustees Minutes

1898 20th October “… a theatrical licence be obtained …. for 6 months from November.

… Mr. W. H. Taylor of 17 Hainton Street, Grimsby be elected Hon. Treasurer….” Public Hall Trustees Minutes

1900 15th February Accounts for the year ending September 1899 – a balance in hand from last year of £2. 17. 0 to amount to £39. 11. 1 and the expenditure to £44 8. 4 leaving a balance due to treasurer of £4 17. 3

A letter from Mrs. Wilkinson asking to allow for repairs to scenery paid by her – “considering the small charge made for the hall the Trustees could make no reduction.

“… to see the Hall Keeper and define his duties and if they think advisable to increase his salary to not exceed £10… 5/- be allowed to Mr. Watson for the extra cleaning of the hall for the School Ball.”

CAISTOR PETTY SESSIONS. WEDNESDAY.—Before Mr. F. A. Dorrington (chairman), Mr W. H. Coates, Mr W. CampbelL, Alderman W. Frankish. and Mr. W. W.Underwood. Licences for the performance of stage plays for month were granted Mr F. Gibson for the Keelby Church Institute and the Brockelsby Park Schoolroom, Great Limber; and Mr. P. Taylor for six months for the Caistor Public Hall.  Hull Daily Mail – Friday 30 November 1900

1902 9th April“…. at the close of the current financial year steps be taken to reduce the debt of £35 on the building fund.” Public Hall Trustees Minutes

1902 19th November “ … a new note of hand be given to the Union of London and Smith’s Bank Limited for £35 to take the place of the old note.” Public Hall Trustees Minutes

1903 27th February “a note of condolence be placed with Mrs. Brown on the death of her husband and that the Trustees desire to put on record their esteem for and the respect which they all bore to their late Secretary for his voluntary services since the hall was first built.”

1904 Walford Familys a.jpg
From the Rev David Saunders Collection held by the Caistor Heritage Trust. Originals are at the Lincolnshire Archives and they hold the copyright. Binnall 2 Caistor Box 2 1904
1904 Walford Familys b.jpg
From the Rev David Saunders Collection held by the Caistor Heritage Trust. Originals are at the Lincolnshire Archives and they hold the copyright. Binnall 2 Caistor Box 2 1904
1904 Walford Familys c.jpg
From the Rev David Saunders Collection held by the Caistor Heritage Trust. Originals are at the Lincolnshire Archives and they hold the copyright. Binnall 2 Caistor Box 2 1904
1904 Walford Familys d.jpg
From the Rev David Saunders Collection held by the Caistor Heritage Trust. Originals are at the Lincolnshire Archives and they hold the copyright. Binnall 2 Caistor Box 2 1904

1906 23rd February “As it was found that only nine of the original Trustees were left – viz The Rev. W.F.W. Westbrooke, Miss Marris, Messrs. W.S. Lord, G. Capes, R. J. Watson, Chas. Parker, Chas. Winter, Chas. Ainger & The Rev. R.Thomas, it was resolved to appoint seventeen additional Trustees to bring the number up to that required by the original deed….. It was resolved that the following be invited to act and that each one be asked to pay a fee of five shillings to cover the cost of the necessary deed and the Inland Revenue Stamps required for their enrolment –
Dr. Gaman, Dr. Leakey, Messrs. J. E. Lamb, Fred Smith, R.H. Parker, Edwin Smith, Isaac Gorbutt, T.J. Varlow, A.R. Bush, W. Fixter, W.W. Chapman, Chas. Wright, J. R. Dixon, W. Campbell, S. Mudd, John Brighton & W.W. Lacy –
of which the following have consented to act, viz. Dr. Gaman, Dr. Leakey, Messrs. J. E. Lamb, R.H. Parker, Edwin Smith, Isaac Gorbutt, T.J. Varlow, A.R. Bush, W. Fixter, W.W. Chapman, Chas. Wright, J. R. Dixon, W. Campbell, John Brighton & W.W. Lacy” Public Hall Trustees Minutes

1908 9th March “… In order to complete the number of Trustees … proposed Mr. Chas Ed Parker, …. Mr. Geo. Ed. Firth, …. Mr. A. Brooke, ….. Mr. Tom Gorbutt, … Mr. John Rowland Lyne, …. Mr. J. Holden, be nominated. Carried.
Proposed … Mr. T.L. Patchett be nominated in case any of the above should decline to act.
…. all those who paid their subscriptions … have them refunded.” Public Hall Trustees Minutes

Postcard 017.jpg
Public Hall (Town Hall). Postcard from the Caistor Heritage Trust Archive.

1910 21st October “… on the suggestion of several ladies they should promote a Bazaar in August 1911 to raise funds to renovate the Hall.”

“… Management Committee attend to the gas ascertain the cost of fixing Incandescent lights and carry out the same…” Public Hall Trustees Minutes

1910 2nd November “Captn. Chapman read a comprehensive scheme of an Exhibition in connection with the Bazaar…… Lady Yarborough be invited to open [the Bazaar] …..” Public Hall Trustees Minutes

1911 8th September“… Mr. Fagan read the Balance Sheet of the Bazaar Committee and it was hoped to clear £200.” Public Hall Trustees Minutes

1911 19th September “… tenders (for the renovation of the Hall) be advertised for in the `Hull Times`, `Grimsby News` and `Stamford Mercury`…… the two plumbers and the two ironmongers be asked to tender for laying on water from the Town mains to the four water-closets, copper & wash-up sink – supply tap to the copper …. the rain water cisterns be sold by public auction ….. the Caistor Drapers be asked to submit samples and pieces for blinds and curtains for the large windows in the hall and ante-room, and blinds for the downstairs rooms…. ” Public Hall Trustees Minutes

1911 19th October “…. The tenders for the renovation of the hall from Messrs. Varlow, Messrs. Towle & Son of Caistor & Mr. A. Bean of Holbeach were then opened ……

Bean £41. 10. 6
Varlow £72. 13. 6 and £2. 10. 0 extra for Bowling Green door & window making
Towle & son £74. 19. 6
….. that of Mr. Bean be accepted, and that the matter of the Bowling Green door and window be left in the hands of the Inspection Committee …… write to Mr. Bean asking how long it would take him to complete the work which was to be subject to a time limit…” Public Hall Trustees Minutes

1911 20th November “…. a cheque for £43. 2. 0 be sent to Mr. Bean for the work done to the hall …. express the satisfaction of the Trustees with the manner in which [Mr. Bean] had carried out the work.

…. that the whole matter of the blinds be left entirely to the ladies….

…… the Entertainment Committee have the free use of the hall.

…… a flexible hose be obtained and fixed to the water pipe on the stage in case of fire.” Public Hall Trustees Minutes

1917 7th December “ … It was explained that owing to the hall being free for patriotic purposes the annual revenue was much below the expenditure…… “

“ … [Mr. C. Ainger] explained … it was necessary to appoint a Treasurer that he regretted to say he would be glad if they could also appoint a Secretary as he had done the work for 15 years and thought someone younger ought to take the work in hand……” Public Hall Trustees Minutes

1919 May “….. not to renew curtains at present or do any other work except getting the Green in order, doing up the steps… “

“….. Mrs. Ramsden [Caretaker] having sent in her resignation was accepted and Mr. Johnson & his wife were proposed and elected as Caretaker from June 1st at the annual salary £10 per annum.” Public Hall Trustees Minutes

1919 4th December “… the Caretaker salary be raised to £12 per annum from this date …. be paid by the Leasee 2/- extra for all evening engagements and furniture sales in the main hall.

…. a letter from the Assistant Secretary & Treasurer resigning his office… it was found impossible to get a volunteer for the office of treasurer and the late treasurer agreed to continue in office for another year. The secretary, Mr. C. Ainger stated that he had held office for 17 years and would be glad to be relieved….. Mr. Mason be appointed secretary …. accepted providing the late treasurer remains in office.

…. Proposed by the Rev. G.S. Tyack … that the hall at the termination of the present contracts be not allowed on Sundays, Xmas Days & Good Fridays….. amendment that the hall is not to be let on Sundays and Good Fridays …. carried… “Public Hall Trustees Minutes

C 1920 January “Sir,
With further reference to an interview which the Rev. T. G. Dixon of Holton-Le-Moor had with you some time ago I shall be obliged if you will let me know whether it is possible for the Trust to be incorporated with the Trust which is already in existence in respect of the Public Hall Caistor and if so what steps it will be necessary to make to put this matter in order.
I understand that you have no record of the Public Hall Trust but I presume the fields and tolls can be added to this Trust making the same gentlemen trustees with probably a few additions to the present number.
I am Sir,
Your obedient Servant,”
Public Hall Trustees Minutes
C1920 May
Minutes; Letter from Mr. Woodhead; Mr. C. Johnson asks for an interview; The grass in the Park; Miss Gunell’s dance in aid of Louth [flood]; Bond or note particulars permission to print. Public Hall Trustees Minutes

1920 C 13th August
A draft letter:
“Dear Sir or Madam,
On behalf of the Trustees of C. P. H. & Pleasure Fields I am desired to request your attendance at a  ……. in the P. H. on Friday 13th August 1920 at 8 o’clock.
You are doubtless aware that it has been decided to hold a bazaar in June next 1921 to secure funds to pay off the mortgage on the playing fields of the town….”
Public Hall Trustees Minutes

1920 26th August
… Resolved that no gambling be allowed – a notice be put up – this rule will be strictly enforced….. to have a form … for anyone engaging the room, to sign, undertaking that no gambling be allowed & that no drink be sold on the premises.”
Public Hall Trustees Minutes

“I ______ agree to take the above Hall on __________ for the sum of £_____ from the hours ____ to ____ & to pay at the rate of 2/6 per hour, or part of any hour after 2.30 a xxxx for the same dance or entertainment.
I also undertake the full responsibility for the conduct & will not allow any gambling to take place or drink to be sold on the premise.
I also agree not to make any addition, fixture, fasting or alteration to or decoration of the fabric of the building.” Public Hall Trustees Minutes
1920 8th November “Notices to be printed as suggested by Mr. Temple & exhibited in the down stairs rooms & in the closets.

Scale of charges:
The charges to be exclusive of lighting.
6 to 11        £1. 2. 6
6 to 2.30    £1. 15. 0
3 to 11        £1. 5. 0
9 to 6        £1. 10. 0
9 to 11        £1. 15. 0

The caretaker to see that the water is boiling by the time required by the lease……

1920 17th December “… Insurance of the hall to be increased to £3000.” Public Hall Trustees Minutes

1921 7th October “Dr. Fraser visited the Committee to explain the reason for requiring ventilation & suggested the most satisfactory way would be to adopt the principal of mechanical ventilation by electric fan…. was proposed that Mr. C. Parker submit the estimate to his brother for inspection & request opinion on the principal of the fan for ventilation.” Public Hall Trustees Minutes

1921 October 11th Capt. Chapman suggested that the Trustees provide their own plant to generate their own power.
Mr Lamb suggested that the gas mains be left in the hall for use in the event of a breakdown. Public Hall Minutes 11 September 1888 – 22 April 1920;

1921 11th October “…… suggested that the Trustees provide their own plant to generate their own power….. suggested that the gas mains be left in the hall for use in the event of a breakdown.” Public Hall Trustees Minutes
1922 14th March
“37 Earl Street
The Secretary
Caistor Town Hall Committee

Dear Sir
I have just received a request from Messrs. Hill & Co to issue a certificate for 90% of Lighting Contract Price.
Until I received this note I have had no intimation that the lighting installation was completed. I have therefore not inspected and certainly cannot certify that installation is completed and satisfactory.
From my previous inspections of the work I consider that you would be safe in paying up to 60% of the lighting contract price, but this is in your discretion, as not having given any notice that there has been no opportunity to certify.
Please put all pressure on them to complete fan; in spite of repeated enquiries I have been unable to get anything definite from them.
Yours faithfully
G. W. Parker
Public Hall Trustees Minutes

The question of the stove was left for price to be got for a new stove.

The painting of the outside of the hall was considered & it was resolved to accept the price of Mr. A. Johnson £11. 15. 6 be accepted.

…. to ask the Parks Committee to meet the Management Committee as early as possible [re finances].” Public Hall Trustees Minutes

1923 15th January “…. the annual report which showed a loss on this year of £2. 6. 1

Mr. Soultaman gave a statement of expenses which showed a loss of about £36 to date. Mr. Soultaman made an offer of £2 up to the end of the year 1922 & an offer of 30/- for Monday & Saturday night with the option of Wednesday night at 15/- per night on receipt of a weeks notice if the hall is not required by Trustees.

The question of allowing posters on the lamp in the Market Place be left to the discussion of the Secretary, but it was thought advisable to mention that the present board was too large & ask that it be reduced to about 3 ft high ….. the necessary plugs be fixed in the public hall for the purpose of fixing posters.” Public Hall Trustees Minutes

1923 23rd March “….. offer Messrs Marshall & Soultaman the hire of the hall for the sum of 52 guineas per annum to be paid quarterly in advance.”
Public Hall Trustees Minutes

1923 31st August “To consider the question of preventing draught in the hall.
Mr. Marshall attended to explain his difficulty.
Mr. A. Johnson be asked to do the work.” Public Hall Trustees Minutes


1923 7th September “… doors be provided as suggested…
Whist drive Oct. 3rd ….. Dance Nov. 7th price 2/6…
Tolls Committee be authorised to ask for a deposit Of £5 for use of market.
.. a bazaar be held in the Whit week of 1924, Wed & Thursday
The Rev. T.G. Dixon offered to subscribe the sum of £5 towards the park & £5 towards the bill for legal expenses.” Public Hall Trustees Minutes

9th December 1961
It was reported in the Market Rasen Mail that the curtains had been removed and cleaned. Also that there had been complaints about keys, which people hiring the hall have difficulty in obtaining.


To view the minutes of the Town Council Public Hall Committee click on the following link: parish-council-public-hall-committee