Town Council

2007 Town Council Civic Service.jpg
2007 February, Town Council Civic Service. From the Rev. David Saunders Collection held by the Caistor heritage Trust

Caistor Town Council Minutes
19th December 1894 – 7th June 1910
Poll and the number of votes each one received:-
Atkinson, Mr. 92                Bancroft, Nicholson 148
Bowstead, Dr. R. M. 98    Bridgeman, W. T.    22
Brown, Charles 169           Brown, Tho. Jno.    30
Capes, George 205           Christian, J. W.    103
Clarke, Augustus L. 9           Cooper, Arthur H.    117
Dawson, Richard 124            Everett, William    91
Eyre, William 91.                  Forth, William    78
Fostor, Daniel 120                 Holehouse, Chas.    22
Johnson, Jno. Rhodes 83    Lord, Wm. Short    169
Johnson, Tom 23                 Marris, Mary Ann    178
Meanwell, Alfred 119            Mumby, Allison    126
Parker, George 36                 Plaskett, William    141
Quickfall, Joseph 17          Rawlinson, Tho. K.    189
Rickells, William 137           Robinson, William    30
Rogers, Francis Alsop    95    Smith, Edwin    111
Staniland, William    108  Topliss, Edis Sissons    21
Watson, Jesse    76                 Westbrooke, Rev.     87
Wilson, Charles 59         Wood, William C.    76

After the votes had been counted the following fourteen were declared by the Deputy Returning Officer to be duly elected:-
Capes, George – Rawlinson, Tho Kynman – Marris, Mary Ann – Brown, Charles – Lord, William Short – Bancroft, Nicholson – Plaskett, William – Rickells, William – Mumby, Allison – Dawson, Richard – Foster, Daniel – Meanwell, Alfred – Cooper, Arthur Henry – Smith, Edwin

The Chairman of the first Parish meeting (Dr. Cameron) having given due notice to attend a first Parish Council meeting to be held on Monday evening the 31st December 1894 in the National School…….

1894 December 31st    …. Mr. Capes to be the provisional chairman….
….. Dr. Cameron to be Chairman of the Parish Council…..
….. Mr. Charles Brown be elected Vice-Chairman….
…… Mr. Charles Ainger, the assistant overseer be appointed                     Clerk to the Parish Council…..

1895 January 14th ….. Mr. Rawlinson’s resignation as Treasurer be accepted and that Mr. Percy Taylor be appointed …….

…… following be appointed Inspectors under the Lighting and Watching Act – viz. Messrs. T. K. Rawlinson – A. Meanwell – Nicholson Bancroft – Wm. Rickells – Edwin Smith and A. H. Cooper ……

… whole of the Parish Council elected as the Parochial Sanitary Authority …..

….. visit the Sanitary Area and report as to its condition and that they suggest the best way of dealing with that area ……

….. following members be appointed a Committee of Management of the Fire Engine – viz. – Messrs Capes – Rawlinson – Meanwell and Bancroft ……

….. whole of the Council be formed into a Committee to enquire into whatever Charities are in existence or may have become extinct in the Parish of Caistor and to acquaint the Council of any information that may have acquired relative thereto …….

…. that the public be not admitted to the meetings of the Parish Council ….

1895 April 17th Annual meeting of the Caistor Parish Council

….. an Assistant Overseer be appointed who shall perform all the duties of an Overseer… that the salary of the Assistant Overseer be specified before the applications for the office be read …. that the salary of the Assistant Overseer be £45 per annum….that Mr. Geo. Manning be appointed….. that the amount of Bond be Two Hundred Pounds….

1895 May 27th ….. The (Parish) Council … The Chairman read the following resolution which had been passed by the Rural District Council:-
“That the Caistor Parish Council be appointed to act as a Parochial Committee and that this Committee have all the powers that the Local Government Act of 1894 can confer on a Parochial Committee.”

1895 March 4th …. a Precept be issued by the Parish Council to the Overseers of the Poor for Twelve Pounds being the amount estimated to meet the expenses which will be incurred for the current financial year …….

1895 August 19th  ….. the following accounts be allowed….. :-
The Rt. Hon. The Earl of Yarboro’                    £33 : 4 : 0
Managers of the National School                    £0 : 1 : 6
Robt. Brighton, Captain of Fire Brigade – 2 day drills        £0 : 16 : 0

…. the printing and supply of stationery and books required for the Council be given to Mr. Parker & Mr. Bush in alternate years…

Mr. Brown called attention to the resolution …. relating to the custody of the Parish Documents, and the Clerk was instructed to obtain such documents as early as possible.

…. this Parish Council re-assess the Parish of Caistor and forward such Valuation List to the Assessment Committee……

1895 September 20th A letter …. from Mr. George Manning the Assistant Overseer and Clerk to the Council resigning such appointments.

…. the Council meet on two evenings each week Wednesdays and Thursdays to consider the assessment of the Parish until the business is finished such meetings to be held from 7.30 to 10 o’clock.

1895 October 3rd …. Applications for the office of Assistant Overseer and Clerk to the Council were read from Messrs. G. W. Dexter, R. H. Parker, R. Clark, W. T. Bridgeman and J. Towle….. Mr. J. Towle be appointed…. Mr. G. W. Dexter be appointed…. Mr. John Towle was duly elected …..

1895 October 9th, 10th, 16th, 17th, 23rd, 24th, 30th and 31st Special meetings to consider the Assessment of the Parish.

1895 November 11th … the revision of the valuation list had been prepared & delivered to the Overseers who had consented to bring the same before the Assessment Committee at their next meeting…..

1895 December 9th …. a letter from Rev. H. C. Brewster relative to the custody of the Award lately in possession of the Vicar of Caistor but now in possession of the Parish Council…… write to the Local Government Board & enquire whose custody the Award should legally be in.

…. a letter from Mr. Haddelsey saying the Assessment Committee had received the Council’s revised valuation list & declined to entertain the same.

1896 January 6th ….. letter from Mr. Scorer Clerk to the County Council relative to the pollution of a stream in the Parish…..

1896 February 2nd ….. a circular from the County Council relative to documents held by the Parish Council ….

…. a letter from the Local Government Board relative to the custody of the Enclosure Award. …. a tin case be got for the Ordnance Survey Maps …..

1896 March 2nd ….. read the report of the committee appointed to enquire into the surface drainage of the town ….. copy …. be sent to the Rural District Council….

The Clerk produced the list of documents etc. held by the Council …. list be copied & sent to the County Council…..

1977 03 12 Mayors Ball.jpeg
1977 Mayor’s Ball March 1977. Top photograph: – Left to right – Louis and Robina King, Norma Radcliffe, Bill Fidler, Mrs. Borrill, John Radcliffe, Mrs Fidler, Mr Borrill. Bottom Photograph : June Gaughan On the left Frank Grey and wife. Betty Welton – Frank Grey, what a wonderful gentleman he was, so popular when he was in Brigs shop.

Ivan BakerOn the right Cyril Carter (ex PC) and his wife Grace from Navigation Lane.A newspaper clipping from the Kit Reader Scrapbook which is held in the Caistor Heritage Trust Archive.

Mayors Ball 20 Apr 1979.jpg
1979 Mayor’s Ball. The photograph is from the Caistor Heritage Trust Archive.