Then and Now

Nettleton Road by Alan Dennis
Nettleton Road. The Joiners & Chairmakers Workshop. Photos by Alan Dennis
Mill Lane by Alan Dennis
Top of Mill Lane. The mill at the top was for pumping town water and the lower one for grinding corn. Alan Dennis
Cornhill, The butcher’s shop. Alan Dennis
The Grimsby Road from the junction with South Street. Shows Kennington’s the ironmonger and blacksmith. Now a photographer’s studio. Kennington’s were originally in the Cornhill. Alan Dennis
Grimsby Road and Quaryy Terrace. Mill Lane was closed for a repair to the wall. Alan Dennis
Corner of Grimsby Road and North Street. The old garage (now a modern house) and behind that would have been the iron works. Alan Dennis
Looking down Grimsby Road towards the town centre. There was a fish and chip shop here. Alan Dennis
Navigation Lane. Alan Dennis
Cromwell View before Westbrooke Grove and showing the allotments. Alan Dennis
Cromwell View showing the chairmaker’s water mill in Aquadale Garden. Alan Dennis
The view up Boggs Lane (Cromwell View) before Cromwell Terrace was built in 1900 towards the Vicarage and Church. Alan Dennis
Looking from the Churchyard into Fountain Street (Duck Street). It shows the brewery with the Fountain Inn to the right. Alan Dennis
Looking up Fountain Street from the springs showing the chairmaker’s (Shadford) cottages high on the left and the brewery on the right. Alan Dennis
The top end of Fountain Street on the corner of the Horsemarket. Dixon’s the bakery is on the corner. Alan Dennis
Horse Market from the top of Boy’s Hill. Alan Dennis
Horse Market from the top of Boy’s Hill. The house on the corner (now demolished) are where a murder took place in the early C20th. Alan Dennis Alan Dennis
High Street. Clark’s Shop. Alan Dennis
High Street showing the Town Hall as a cinema and the new electric lights. Alan Dennis
Corner of the High Street and North Kelsey Road (Union Road) showing Hansard’s Terrace. Alan Dennis
High Street with the Talbot Inn and the new Co-operative store. Alan Dennis