Tennyson Institute

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1919 December

1905 September 12th Novel Quoit Match.- On Thursday last a novel quoit match was played on the Institute ground. Teams representing South-street, captained by Mr E. W. Holmes, and the Rest of the Club (captained Mr. J. H. Wood) played by torch light. Scores: South-street: W. Lidgard 21, T. Ainsworth 21, F. Marshall 17. W. Fixter 12, F. Smith 21, J. Fixter 21, J. Spalding 20. H. Wilkinson 21, E. W. Holmes 9. T. L. Patchett 21, Total 184. Rest: G. Abraham 11, H. Wood 18, W. Fagan 21, T. Hewson 21, G. Camm 14, J. H. Wood 19, W. S. Hunter 21, G. Boyers 11, A. M. Hardv 21, R. H. Parker 16. total 173. Hull Daily Mail

At a meeting of the Sports Committee the Tennyson Institute. Mr T. Mairs presiding, further arrangements were made for the annual sports, to be held Whit Monday. The secretary for the sports is Mr. W. Nickerson. Hull Daily Mail – Friday 26 April 1929