South Street – Linegar

Courtesy of Ron Bradley
John Linegar, formerly of Cabourne parish in a 1919 Calthorpe 10hp motor car, heading to the Woodhall show in 1971, a character indeed.


Sue Reeve – “We had a rented TV off him. Is he the same person he lived on the corner.”

Carol Barnes – “That’s it didn’t he have the little shop on the corner of South Street /Corn Market.”

Sue Reeve – “Don’t know he always come to the house. Mum and dad must have gone in to Caistor. We didn’t care we were excited waiting for this TV to come.”


Julie Larder-Dyson – “I remember him he always came and mended our black and white telly.”

Heather Grant – Mike used to deliver the mail at his home if the regular postie was ill. He said it was stacked to the ceilings with ‘stuff’ – tvs in the hallway. What an H&S nightmare!

Chris Barratt – We went to the sale at Rand , He had some fantastic cars and bikes .

Rod Bradley – Bit like the sale of Nicholsons, farmers at Faldingworth, if only the stuff had been looked after, some stuff beyond repair. He was a great bloke, I managed to sell him an old Geiger counter.