Shoe Maker


1810 Militia John Hewett.jpg
1810, John Hewett, Shoemaker, Militia

Market Rasen Mail – The Price of Boots and Shoes – In consequence of the enormous rise in the price of leather, the Master Shoemakers of Market Rasen and the neighbourhood, have issued hand-bills announcing their intention of holding a meeting in the Committee Room, Corn Exchange, Market Rasen, on Tuesday 27th inst., to take into consideration what price it will be fair to charge the public for the various articles in their trade; at which meeting the attendance of all master shoemakers is earnestly solicited.


Emma Jayne Shepherd – I grew up at 7 Westwold and it had the best view. We were the third people to have lived there that was about 1974. My Grandparents (Dave and Nancy Williamson) had it before moved in and before that it was Bill and Rose Johnson who had it from new. Our neighbours were Fred and Cath Brocklesby. I remember Fred was a cobbler and used to repair ours shoes. The other side there was Pam and Billy Connick.


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