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An article written by Major Howard Webber in 2015 which The Salvation Army published in the Salvationist.

Caistor 6th Feb. 1854 (Market Rasen Mail)

The visiting cards of General (then the Rev. Wm. Booth, are in the possession of Mrs. Varlow, of Caistor, the General was good enough to place his autograph at the back of his visiting card.

9th September 1905 (Market Rasen Mail)

… in his early days “General Booth” laboured in this part of the country. Not only did he conduct a mission at Caistor, in which, we understand, he was assisted by the late Dr. H. A. Bray of Market Rasen, but he was so enamoured of the “metropolis of the Wolds” that he spent his honeymoon at that salubrious spot…….

Caistor presented quite a festive appearance on Saturday morning on the occasion of General Booth’s visit to the town. The line of route through the Market Place and up High Street was gaily decorated with flags and bunting; and during the morning traps arrived from all parts of the neighbourhood (there being one of the biggest crowds the inhabitants have witnessed for many years) to welcome the “General”, Loud cheering announced the approach of the “General” who was received on the Public Hall steps by Mr. W.E. Lord, the Chairman of the Parish Council.

The Hall which had been tastefully decorated with flags, plants, etc., by Mrs. Campbell, would only hold about half the people, and many who had come from a distance were unable to hear the “General’s” speech.

The platform was occupied by the Pastors of the various Nonconformist churches of the town, the members of the Parish Council, together with the “General’s staff.

The “General’s” advent on the platform was announced by loud clapping of hands, in which the “General” himself heartily joined.

A verse of that grand old hymn, “Were the whole realm of nature mine” was sung, followed by a prayer.

Mr. Lord then presented an address of welcome…. “as an Evangelist in this town 50 years ago, and would remind you of the enduring good wrought through your instrumentality in those days of precious memories to yourself”…..

The “General” thanked the Parish Council for their address, and also the people who had so kind come in large numbers to greet him, and had, by their applause, shown their appreciation of the work he and his Army had done for their fellows.

He said it could not but be a matter of interest to him to come to Caistor. He hardly expected at first to have the priviledge, but he was not without hope that he could return to the place in which he had laboured so many years ago. He had come to Caistor about 50 years ago as a young man with very few friends in the world, and lasting impressions had been made in his soul during his stay there. It was at Caistor that he first commenced the work which had become so dear to him, and the “General” proceeded to speak of the town with the greatest of affection……..

The meeting then concluded with a prayer offered by one of the Commissioners. A lovely bouquet of flowers was presented … by Mrs. Campbell, who also provided a luncheon in the ante-room… The “General” and party left the town for Grimsby about 1.30, after about one hour’s stay, and amid loud applause from the crowd which thronged the streets.


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Hull Daily Mail 1912 September



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Young Musicians from all over the country come to Caistor for a week long musical course. July 1977. From the scrapbook of Miss Kitty Reader. The paper from which the clipping is taken is unknown.