People – Groups

Taken at the back of the Town Hall in 1930.
Jane Smith; Isobel ?: Enid Roberts; Mrs Charles; Mother ??; Captain Webb; Mrs Fox; Mrs Arthur Brown; Mrs Westoby
Mrs Wilson; Miss Coates; Miss Hutchinson; Mrs. Rigall; Mrs G Collins; Mrs Glew; Miss Crompton

Carol Barnes – ane Smith lived on Grimsby Rd; Enid Roberts at Quarry Terrace so not the lady I originally thought; Mrs. Charles lived Hope House where is Hope House; Mrs. Fox lived Springfield where is Springfield. Mrs. Arthur lived Vine Cottage; Mrs. Westony lived Mill Lane; Miss Coates was called Constance Evelyn and lived Church Street; Mrs. Hutrchinson lived Fern Bank (was that Chapel Street where Eric Britten lived); Mrs. Riggall lived Audelby; Mrs G Collins lived Union Road; Mrs Glew lived South Street; Mrs. Crompton there were two one lived Church Street Nettleton

1930 Group back of town hall photo x- see reverse for names375.jpg

Peter Radcliffe – The gentleman in the bowler 3rd left, Alan Frankish.

Irene Wilkinson – …and next to him Mrs Marriott.  Kneeling is a young Mabel Drakes and the chap next to her is Alex Bemrose with the no 9. Arthur King, in cricket whites, next to Mrs Marrott.

Dean Mellors – I think it could be my nanna in the middle.

Charlie Winn – Seg Bemrose came up to Caistor school when we played football and he joined in the team game.

caistor088 copy.jpg

Rev Tyack second row far left and ? Varlow with a beard 2nd row far right

Janice Dean – Back row third from left looks like my mum’s cousin, a young Bob Sharpe.

Mixed Group.jpg

1962 Pen Friends Irene Wilkinson – Carol Barnes took this in waterhills . 62 during the first visit of my French pen friends. Me , Claudie , Josette Charret , Pat Thomas Rawlinson Avenue ) , my cousin Linda Wilkinson / Bird , wearing her CGS blazer

Christine Jackson – I remember having to wear my blazer other thsn at school as it was all l had. I can’t imagine kids doing that these days. They would just refuse and go cold instead!!

The photograph with Santa:

Carol Barnes – Lynn Martin, Pat Thomas Evelyn Smith, Sandra Wilkinson, Irene Brocklesby, Ralph Rodwell

Irene Wilkinson – Little bits of Alma Rodwell and Hazel Clark top left .Bobby Clark front left In glasses ..

Anne Winn – My aunty Elizabeth Barrick is on this! she is looking straight at the camera, she has glasses and a hat.

The photograph with Miss Caistor:

Carol Barnes – From the back left Diane Allen, lived Riby Road, Martina Albrecht, lived Canada Lane, Everlyn Smith, lived Rawlinson Avenue, Merle Bates, lived Hansard Crescent but now Australia, Vivien Wright, Lynn Martin lived Bobs Lane, Irene Brocklesby lived North Street, me Carol Brocklesby lived North Street and Rachel Granger lived Rawlinson Avenue

Second row from left Angela Goodhand lived Canada Lane, sat Pat Thomas lived Rawlinson Avenue, ? Julie Morris lived Brigg Road, Alma Rodwell lived High Street and my cousins Sandra Wilkinson now Wright lived Nettleton Road

Lynn Martin now Lynn Drifill, Alma Rodwell is Ralphs sister

Angela Goodhand is Vera Goodhands daughter now works surgery Keelby

Rachel was a Spalding her Dad drove Brown’s buses and her brother Arthur lives Keelby



Middle is Percy Stubbs

Three males.jpg

Carol Barnes – The picture is of Muriel Smith’s parents. She thinks it was taken at Holly House. Her Auntie Eileen
Mrs. Muriel Smith told me that before they had the shop on South Street her Dad had had the shop on the corner .
Martyr is to the right of her.
The bridesmaid is Joan Hall her Dad’s sister Joyce’s child and the boy is her brother Patrick Hall. Joyce is just behind and to the left of the bridegroom Charlie Wrack.
The other bridesmaid is Charlie’s sister Olive Wrack who married a Mr. Applewhite.
The stout lady on the left holding the boy is Charlie’s Mother and his Father is in the hat behind Olive. They were the last people to run the Fountain Inn on Fountain Street.
The best man is Joe Good and he is fifth from the left.
Charlie Hannath owner of Briggs in Market Place is between the bride and groom (he hadn’t met Olive when the picture was taken) and Uncle Horace, Mum’s brother, is third from the right with a nice button hole.

Wedding Group.jpg

She also told me just general interest that Jack Martin’s Dad went to the wedding and was so impressed that he wanted to give Jack and Auntie May who lived in Bobs Lane a wedding just as good

The lady between Hrandms and Grandad Wrack could be Annie Walker nee Wilkin is there a Wilkin on either site that might know?
The lady far right could be Pauline Grey nee Larder’s Mum.