Market Place No 20

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Mid 19th century shop front

Was Teddy Parker’s the Printers

1927 Parker’s were advertised as printers, stationers, booksellers, bookbinders, newsagents and dealers in fancy goods, toys wallpapers, etc.

They were also a lending library.

“The next one (accident) I remember was Mr. Ted Parkers car on fire near Holden’s Shop (South Street). … His pride and joy was the “Bean” Tourer. He kept it in good condition and used it most Wednesday afternoons for trips in the country. The petrol tank on this car was under the bonnet, gravity fed to the carburetor. I understand the pipe fractured and petrol spilled on to the hot engine and up she went. The fire engines came but the car was a total wreck. Ted never owned another car after that.” 1930’s ???? Australia

And later G. G. Robinson. N. Clark (in the 1950’s) Private Car Hire Service for Wedding Trips, meeting the trains. Quotes were also given for holiday travel

And finally the paper Shop

Departure point for first buses. These were run by Arthur E. Brown. In 1927 to hire a bus to take a group to Cleethorpes and back would cost £1. 10. 0.

Service Buses in 1927:
Grimsby – Monday and Friday at 9.30 Wednesday 2.45 Saturday 1.30
Market Rasen – Tuesday 10.30
Brigg – Thursday 10.30



I remember Mr. Clarke having the paper shop at Caistor which I now believe has been turned into a pub/restaurant. He used to deliver papers in Nettleton and would give me a lift up to school in a morning sometimes, which was very much appreciated on cold or wet mornings. I don’t know how long it was a paper shop but sure it was between at least 1961 and 1971. Probably a lot longer.

Rebecca Axcell – Norman Clark was my grandad 🙂

Was longer than that. I went to Caistor in early 50’s and it was then.

I remember that and spending sixpence in the carboard box to get a toy!


The now “Catholic Church” was their storeroom. in Bank Lane.They displayed their toys at Christmas upstairs..

The shop ceased as a newsagents in 2002

Jane Capp – Mum really enjoyed working there.

did you make the sandwiches Ros? Yes seems a long while ago now

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1916 Parkers.jpeg
1916 Hull Daily Mail Rooms to Let
1845 Parker.jpeg
1845 Invoice for making a book for entering number of Vestry Meetings.
1846 Parker.jpeg
1846 Invoice for Printing 100 Copy of Register of Voters and printing 25 lists of Claimamnts.
1864 Invoice for the Overseers of the Poor – Printing 25 copy of the Register of Voters.
1891 Invoice for the Surveyor of the Highways. Highway Surveyors Account Book & Rate Book.
1891 Parker 02.jpeg
1891 Invoice to the Surveyor of the Highway. Printing and binding 300 Rate Receipt Checks & printing 2000 Receipt Forms for wages.
1892 Parker.jpeg
1892 Invoice for Surveyor of Highways. Rate Book Stores Account; Complete Account Book and Packet of Official Envelopes.