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1833 Sale, Nainby, Couch, Skelton

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1903 April 20th Annual Meeting of the Parish Council … the resignation of Miss Marris was read …

1903 June 15th ….. Miss Marris’s resignation was considered … write to Miss Marris expressing regret at receiving her resignation, but that no other course was open than that of accepting it…. Mr. Varlow be appoited … in place of Miss Marris.



Page one of three-page letter to Mr. Hooloway (Justice of the Peace) from Charles Marris, Solicitor in 1835, John H. Hollway, Esq., Clerk of the Peace, Spilsby By 1851 he was resident at Gunby Hall. In 1871 he was staying in a lodging house in Bournmouth. This letter is the property of Alan Dennis
Page two of three. The Letter is discussing the composition of Juries. Dear Sir, The Commissioners of Service for this District to whom Mr. Marris is clerk, having determined to adopt the provisions of the statutee 3 & 4 Nov 4 cap. 22 s 11, with reference to the impanelling and summoning of Juries, it becomes necessary for us to have the names of the persons in our neighbourhood who are “qualified” and usually summoned to serve on Grand Juries in “Courts of Sessions of the Peace”, from whom Mr. Marris as Deputy of the Sheriff, may select his Jury Panels. Although it seems that the Sheriff could summon Jurors of Service from any part of the County, yet we have determined not to bring man far from his house for the purpose, and shall therefore only
Page three of three. Summon Jurors from the Wapentakes of Yarborough, Bradley Haverstow & Walscroft. Will you be kind enough to furnish us with a list of the persons qualified as above mentioned residing in the several parishes in those 3 Wapentakes. As our Court is at hand we shall be glad to receive the list at your earliest convenience. We are, ??? Yours truly, Marris & Smith, Caistor, 1st June 1835