Nettleton Road – Joiners Shop


1984. Photograph from the Rev. David Saunders Collection

Rev. David Saunders description: “This was pulled down soon after I took the photograph in 1984. I do not know when it was built. From 1851 a Joseph Sanderson had a business on Nettleton Road as a builder. He was born at Keelby and in 1841 was on South Street than a Joiner’s Journeyman. He married Elizabeth Cheeseman in September 1842 at Cabourne. He had a builder’s apprentice in 1851, but in 1861 he was down as a master carpenter with no employees. In 1871 he was a builder again and in 1881 was also a cabinet maker. There was now a Sanderson’s Row for the first time, probably built by Sanderson.

In 1891 Joseph’s son, Robert, was living in Nettleton Road and his trade was a cabinet maker. His father, Joseph, had died in April 1889. Robert, with Harriet, his wife, had his mother with them. There were no children in 1901. In 1911 they were on their own (Robert 65) still on Nettleton Road.

In the 1918 – 19 electoral list both Robert and Harriet were included and their home called Mount Pleasant. They were still there in 1928 but not in 1938/9.

Joseph had made a will in 1888. It was simple – it made sure his widow, Elizabeth, had enough for life and then most of the estate went to Robert. Elizabeth’s will of 1905 shared out her property between the three children.”

1891 invoice for an oak post to be installed on Plough Hill. From the Rev. David Saunders Collection. Caistor Heritage Trust
The pit saw found near the site of the Joiner’s shop. Caistor heritage Trust
Photograph Caistor Heritage Trust.