Nettleton Road

CAISTOR POLICE COURT. WEDNESDAY. —Before Mr. E. Smith (Chairman) Mrs Campbell, J. D. Coates, T. G. Dixon and R.B. Spillman
Ejectment Application – William Waite of Grimsby applied for possession of a cottage on Nettleton Road in the occupation of Mrs. Wells. The case was dismissed. Hull Daily Mail – Saturday 07 April 1923

1934 January 30th …. …. The Rev. Greenhill of Lincoln [stated] if an estimate for the supplying of a new seat on the Nettleton Road is submitted to him and found reasonable he will meet the cost…. Caistor Town Council Minutes 21st June 1932 – 12th December 1944

“At a meeting of the Caistor W.I. …. It was resolved to call the attention of the County Council to the very dangerous dyke by the side of the highway on the North Kelsey Road, Caistor, and to ask if this dyke cannot be piped in and a proper footpath made.” … the Resolution be supported by this Council. Caistor Town Council Minutes 21st June 1932 – 12th December 1944

1934 December 4th …….. [called] attention to the dangerous position of the footpath on the Nettleton Road after the completion of the camber by the Highway Authority, and suggest that such a footpath be raised, or a protection of some kind erected to avoid pedestrians stepping off the road on to the path.

1935 June 25th … a letter from the Lincolnshire & Howdenshire Electricity Coy. Ltd. with regard to overhead electric cables on the Nettleton Road…..

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Robinson – Car Hire – Sunnydene – Karen Smith – I think its No40. No42 is Cellowdene. 42 is on the left. Pretty sure Sunnydene sign is still above the porch of the red door on the right. But my memory may be wrong!

"G Robinson Car Hire.jpeg