All recordings by Alan Dennis other than of Dennis Cooper and Ted Colley  which were made by Michael Fields. Copyright no part of these recordings may be reproduced or transmitted in any way or by any means, including electronic storage and retrieval, without prior permission.

Betty Hyde

Grandparents – the Overseer

The farm

Baths and washing

Medicine and the doctor

Wash Day

Mother’s routine

Father’s work

Cooking and meals

Bill Bemrose

Shepherd and other farming tasks

Sheep to Barnetby

War – Lancaster Bomber

War – Flying off to Germany

Wesleyan School – Chapel Street

Mother’s work

Threshing Machines

Charlie Allen

War – Torpedo


Dad farming

Dennis Cooper

Threshing Machine – Positioning the machine

Steam Traction Engine – Its Jobs

Threshing Machine – Preparing the Drum

Threshing Machine – Men needed

Traction Engine Driver

Florrie Garfoot

Father’s work – farming and innkeeper

Fleece Inn and the milk round

Fleece Inn – description

Mum’s day and meals

Washing Day

Children’s Farm Work

Les Wilkinson (N.B. there is some swearing)

Lights, Fetching, washing, water and the toilet

War – Home Guard and war experiences

Ted Colley

Apprenticeship in Carpentery

Training as an apprentice

Making your own tools

Do you get pleasure being a craftsman?

Old time craftsman